Winter gymnastics: acrobatic performances in schney

Winter gymnastics: acrobatic performances in schney

The greatest asset of the free gymnastics community of schney is its children. This became clear once again at the pre-christmas gymnastics event, to which the ruhrige club had invited on sunday afternoon in the club gymnasium. There was a hustle and bustle of enthusiastic gymnasts in front of and on the stage. Therefore, the chairman of the association, hans heinrich-bergmann, announced that they are looking for more helpers and exercise leaders.

The fact that the gymnastics association is engaged in intensive work with young people was also evident from the rough show part. The minis, children between the ages of three and six, have only been practicing for three weeks under the leadership of edith and edwin stark. There was not much time to prepare for the advent celebration. "But this is not a problem" said edith stark. "They are all little stars, they do it automatically."

Jumping onto the mat
The minis fearlessly balanced and crawled over the "abyss" during their performance, to then land softly on the thick mat with a gratuitous leap from the box. A lively band performance by kristin gutgesell, anna hubner, lisa hummrich and lena kretschmar led over to the dance of the smallest children. The leading gymnasts are not only among the club's top performers, but are also involved as C-trainers or assistants in the work with young talent.

Even at the winter dance of the mother-child group, which manuela fiedler and simone faber had rehearsed with the mothers and their children, you could feel the joy of the little ones as they danced along with their mothers to the music of the stage. No less eager were the six to ten year old girls, who performed under the motto "take 2 and do gymnastics" had been started. Claudia bergmann and melissa campbell had rehearsed the performance with the young gymnasts.

Dance enthusiasts between the ages of twelve and 14 are in the "crazy beasters", which are also supervised by claudia bergmann, just right. On friday, 17. January, at 6 p.M., a new dance group starts, and new dancers are welcome to join the rehearsals.

Performance gymnasts inspire
In the older age it goes somewhat more quietly, nevertheless with the FT schney also then still sport is driven. During the gymnastics under the direction of karin witzgall, exercises are done to keep breathing and circulation going.

The competitive gymnasts, who have been intensively trained and coached by edith and edwin for many years, are undoubtedly one of the most prominent members of the free gymnastics club. The fact that this work is not in vain is shown by good placements at district and regional level, but could also be seen at this gymnastics afternoon during their performance: both on the uneven bars and in floor exercises, the gymnasts gave a test of their skills.

Floor gymnastics was dominated by symmetry, as two groups simultaneously gymnastics from the left and from the right, beating wheels or in an escaping handstand, over the stage. Flickflack and salti impressively demonstrated the high level of gymnastics that is practiced at the free gymnastics club.

The afternoon was musically framed by the schneyer spielmannszug. The audience was entertained with christmas melodies during the visit of saint nicholas, who rewarded all the participants for their activities.


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