Wernarzer heiligenhauschen grows too

Wernarzer heiligenhauschen grows too

Two dozen citizens of wernarz and the state spa came to the citizens' meeting for the two parts of the town. Mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) first paid tribute to the successes of the past year. Among other things, the eyesore of the former parkkurheim was transformed by the new owner into a green open space. The building yard repaired the damaged sinnbrucke at a cost of about 11.000 euro from. During the course of the year, the wooden planking and the wooden railing will be reworked.

Already in 2012 the sidewalk between the strabfeld and wernarz should be renovated. This will now be made up for this year. The damaged sidewalk will be replaced with a black layer, and later the condition of the sidewalk inside wernarz will also be checked. In addition, the building yard will install the urgently needed canopy over the entrance to the kindergarten this year. The renewal of the street lamps in the state swimming pool is scheduled for 2014.

Burgers raised many concerns
A burger wanted a better internet connection in wernarz. But anton kiefer, head of the city administration, disagreed: wernarz was sufficiently supplied by telekom and kabel deutschland. Only in single cases the supply lies under the average of the city area.

Adolf heinz addressed the condition of the heiligenhauschen in strabfeld. The small building from 1675 – it stands on city property and was donated at that time by a wernard citizen – is maintained by heinz and other wernard citizens on an honorary basis. However, the house-high conifers growing in the area of the site make maintenance increasingly difficult.

The two cypress trees and the spruce should be felled as far as possible and replaced by new plantings that are in keeping with the ensemble. The removal appears necessary because both cypress trees are leaning toward the heiligenhauschen due to wind pressure, and wind breakage has endangered the structure. In addition, one of the cypress trees was damaged by a lightning strike.

Heinz also drew attention to the fact that the care and maintenance of the park bench in the surrounding area, which has been carried out by two citizens of wernard for many years, is no longer guaranteed due to age and death. "I will continue to take care of the three banks around me for as long as I physically can. And then?". Here will be probably now the bauhof relieved by the honorary working so far demanded.

Kindergarten school hours are "scrap"
Erwin muth addressed the condition of the wooden fence at the dorflinde as a local resident. However, according to anton kiefer, the repair work has already been carried out by the construction yard.

Hermann henkel, who regularly picks up his grandchild from the kindergarten, described the regulation of the school's attendance at the municipal kindergarten, currently in the carnival period, as "garbage". Brigitte meyerdierks tried to refute the accusation. The kindergartens agree on the opening times and involve the parents in this decision. The attempt by vacation groups was discontinued in the past because of too low participation and the resulting high personnel costs. "Our system is well established, I don't see anything wrong with it", was meyerdierk's conclusion to this discussion.

A recurring issue is the drainage of the paths and railroad line in the strabfeld area in the direction of dreistelz. In this case, residents felt that more intensive maintenance of the canal inlets was urgently needed. The mayor agreed to pass the matter on to the building yard, which is responsible for such work.


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