Weisendorf audience also fights against chaos

Weisendorf audience also fights against chaos

With their witty and humorous "grippenspiel" theater piece rudiger baumann and georg madl from kulmbach really grew on the audience in the auditorium of the weisendorf elementary school.

What is it about? The "harmonie" local association is widely known for its particularly beautiful nativity play. To the 50. Even the bishop has announced himself as guest of honor at the performance. As a vanguard of the spiritual worm bearer comes first his co-worker berner. Everything has to be in order, even in amateur theater.

The whole force is suffering from intestinal flu

But there can be no talk of order: chaos reigns on the stage. Nothing is prepared, no actors are there, the whole troupe suffers from intestinal flu. A catastrophe: bernese wants to play the game at any price. But above him is only the help "mr. Krug" still reasonably fit at the pub bar. All it takes is two determined men and a few hours to draw up a rough draft?

The 27 stakeholders had celebrated the successful dress rehearsal the night before. With spoiled potato salad from a nursing home. One by one the contributors call in sick.

A beer tapper in top form

Suddenly beer tapper krug is on top form. That is not a problem, he and berner could play the play without the 27 actors, you just have to slip into the different roles.
A stroke of genius or madness? The borders are fierce, but the audience gets its nativity play, complete with all the roles – including a flying archangel gabriel. The two actors master the many roles "if we play a little faster, the audience won't come to pay later", says baumann with a smile.

He quickly transforms the visitors into angels, and also the part of the "people" they must take over.

Two multi-talented people

Rudiger Baumann directs the theater "das baumann" in kulmbach. With him and georg madl, two multi-talented actors were on stage, who are known for their wit and their rough playfulness.


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