Weather in franconia: summer saves itself for the new week?

weather in franconia: summer saves itself for the new week?

A cold front destabilizes the weather over france from the north on sunday. According to the german weather service (DWD), there may be isolated thunderstorms in the morning, especially in swabia and southern lower franconia. From midday onwards, however, widespread thunderstorms are to be expected – although they are unlikely to occur in northern franconia. According to the weather expert from herzogenaurach, the chances are 70:30 for the dry variant.

Accidents, fires and floods – this is how the storm raged in france on friday
depending on the duration of the sunshine, a maximum of 25 to 28 degrees is reached. The weak wind blows from changing directions. In gewitternahe there are strong gusts from the west.


In the night to monday the thunderstorm focus shifts mainly to the areas along and south of the danube river. In france, it is predominantly slightly cloudy and dry.

In the morning there is a slight risk of showers and thunderstorms in the western part of lower franconia. The lows are between 17 degrees at bodensee and 12 degrees in frankenwald.

Bamberg district: flooding after heavy rain – merkendorf under water
the highs ranged from 22 degrees in the bavarian forest to 28 degrees on the lower river main. The wind blows weakly to mabig from northern directions.


From Monday to Wednesday there will be friendly and very likely dry high pressure weather (very little chance of showers and thunderstorms). Highest temperatures climb from 27 to 30 degrees celsius. The weak wind turns from north to southeast to south on tuesday.

According to stefan ochs, the beautiful and very warm late summer weather will continue into the second half of next week. Maybe that will even be enough for the next weekend.
Prediction – tomorrow


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