Wanted: women who want to annoy the archbishop

Wanted: women who want to annoy the archbishop

The catholic church and women: there's a lot of dirt, a lot of minefields and a lot of frustration. But that also holds potential and room for development. Birgit dietz and dorothea kohler can sing a many-voiced song about it. The refrain is: "we have annoyed and irritated the archbishop", the two sum up their work in the women's commission in the archdiocese of bamberg.

This body has been in existence for eight years. Birgit dietz, spokeswoman of the commission, has served two four-year terms and must step down in accordance with the statutes. Dorothea kohler, a franciscan sister from vierzehnheiligen, has only been appointed once and wants to stay on for another term: "because working with women is fruitful and brings me a lot personally, as the 49-year-old social pedagogue and director of the konradhof in vierzehnheiligen says.

The two women are now calling on their gender comrades to to apply for the newly constituted women's commission. Eight catholic women from different phases of life and professional fields are wanted. You should be committed to the church and interested in women's issues. It would also be desirable if the members of the women's commission represented different regions of the archdiocese.
The women don't have to be tame by any means. Although the commission can address such burning issues as the ordination of women or the diaconate of women, it cannot clarify them.

This tiger has teeth
Birgit Dietz makes it clear that the women's commission is anything but a toothless tiger. The 52-year-old bamberg architect, wife, mother of four and mother of two speaks of "impact".
And that "we got the archbishop out of the corner and made him listen". Listening to what women expect from the church employer in order to reconcile work and family life.

What women demand for the prevention of abuse. What to do in a credible way with remarried divorced people. What to expect from the leaders of the liturgy of the word. "We always remind the archbishop of what he himself said about women in the public sphere", emphasizes sister dorothea.
"And we are watching closely to see that the implementation happens in practice." This has been achieved, for example, in individual cases with contractual regulations for employees of the archdiocese.

The range of topics addressed by the commission is broad. The women's perspective always comes into play, knowing that the women's commission is an advisory body and the final decision lies with archbishop ludwig schick.

However, male consciousness-raising is called for if it enables a different view of problem areas.
The women's commission also accompanies the implementation of the order to demand equality between women and men in the archdiocese of bamberg and also works together with the equal opportunities officer andrea krapf.

Women who are interested in volunteering for the commission will be invited to participate in the application process by the committee of the diocesan council for "women and girls in the church and the still existing women's commission selected.
A list of twelve candidates is presented to the archbishop for selection. Schick appoints eight women, the remaining four remain on a backlog list.

The time required for participation is manageable: two meetings with the archbishop and their preparation must be scheduled per year. In addition, participation in special meetings or smaller thematic working groups is necessary, depending on the current occasion and on agreement.


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