Us media: boeing “dreamliner” could take off again in april

Us media: boeing 'dreamliner' could take off again in april

But it could take another two months for U.S. Aviation regulators to give the green light and for the modifications to be completed on the 50 planes delivered, the newspapers wrote in their thursday editions.

The two papers cited unnamed industry and government officials for their information. Boeing and the relevant authorities are officially keeping a low profile. The exact cause of the battery problems that have grounded the "dreamliner" for the past month is still unknown.

In january, there was a fire in a parked "dreamliner. According to the investigations carried out so far by the U.S. National transportation safety board (NTSB), there had been a short circuit in the battery. On another machine in japan, a battery began to burn in the air, causing the pilot to make an emergency landing. After that, aviation regulators worldwide grounded the aircraft and boeing stopped delivery of new aircraft of the type.

According to the newspapers, a meeting is now scheduled for friday between boeing’s commercial aircraft chief raymond conner and the chairman of the u.S. Federal aviation agency, michael huerta. According to the "wall street journal," the airbus rival is expected to present a ten-point plan. Among the suggestions is the installation of a fireproof enclosure around the batteries. The battery design is also to be changed. The eight individual cells inside the aircraft were to be better shielded from each other to prevent short circuits and heat buildup. Additional vents should ensure that smoke escapes quickly in case of fire.

But it will take time for the FAA to review and approve the proposal. It is assumed that the authority is particularly meticulous. The FAA has already faced criticism for approving the original, fire-hazardous battery design. The lithium-ion batteries used can store a lot of energy in a small space. But the use of the technology in cell phones and notebooks has already led to repeated fires.

Should the jet actually be able to take off again in april, the incidents had grounded the "dreamliner" fleet for three months. First airlines had already filed claims for damages.

Boeing also seems to have another problem: because production continues unabated, parking space at the plant is getting tight, the "new york times" had reported. Boeing itself would not confirm this. The manufacturer still has around 800 orders for the fuel-saving long-haul aircraft on the books.


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