Un-syria mediator meets assad

un-syria mediator meets assad

Even assad knows the seriousness of the situation, brahimi stressed. Meanwhile, the fighting continued. Activists report dozens dead.

The conflict is dangerous and getting worse, brahimi said in damascus on saturday. The UN mediator added that assad knows this even better than he does.

The president, for his part, expressed his willingness to cooperate, as stated in a message distributed by the presidential palace. At the same time, however, he stressed that the political measures could only be successful if pressure was exerted on countries that supplied the "terrorists" with weapons. Syria accuses arab gulf states and the U.S. Of supplying arms to insurgents labeled "terrorists".

Brahimi had already met with eagle minister walid al-muallim on thursday. On friday he met with opposition members tolerated by the syrian government.

The algerian took office as syria envoy of the united nations and the arab league as successor to former UN secretary-general kofi annan on 1 january 2008. September entered. After talking to all parties concerned, diplomat to present his plan for settling 18-month conflict.

Meanwhile, fighting between rebels and government troops has claimed more lives. According to opposition sources, at least 35 people were killed in the provinces of aleppo and idlib. Reports from syria are difficult to verify independently, as access to the contested areas is restricted by the government.


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