Toyota returns to its old strength

Toyota returns to its old strength

This was announced by the company on friday in tokyo. A year ago, toyota was just in the black due to the japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster. At that time, japanese car production had temporarily come to a complete standstill.

In the past quarter, toyota sold 2.27 million cars, almost twice as many as a year ago. In the first six months of 2012, the japanese had again passed rough rivals general motors (GM) and VW in global sales figures. Toyota sells 4.97 million vehicles, 34 percent more than in the first half of 2011. For the year as a whole, toyota boss akio toyoda now expects sales of 8.8 million cars, 100,000 more than before.

At the end of the first half of the year, opel parent GM was in second place with 4.67 million cars, ahead of the largest european carmaker, VW, with 4.45 million cars. For some time now, the major vehicle manufacturers have been in a race for the prestigious top spot in global sales. VW wants to become the world’s largest carmaker by 2018 at the latest.

Toyota’s sales successes in dealerships were also reflected in sales in the three months to the end of june: the profit rose by 60 percent to 5.5 billion yen. Observers, however, also pointed to the japanese government’s aid in the home country to explain the strong numbers.

Operating profit was 353 billion yen this time after a loss of 108 billion yen a year ago. The automaker was particularly successful with its prius models in japan and the new camry in the u.S. In july alone, the japanese sold around 26 percent more cars than a year ago.

However, toyota is already plagued by new worries: the company, which has been badly hit by recall campaigns, is once again taking 1.5 million cars into the repair shop because of problems with the rear axle. In germany alone, around 70,000 vehicles are affected.

Two years ago, in a series of breakdowns, the company had asked a total of more than 10 million vehicles to be checked for slipping floor mats, sticking gas pedals and faulty brakes, thus damaging its reputation.


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