Threat or joke?

Threat or joke?

Like the words "everyone is the architect of his own fortune", the question of what is meant by the red letters emblazoned on the asphalt road next to the BRK home in mannsflur is one that farmer stephan haas can’t quite explain himself. But one thing could be clear: after the heated arguments and the sometimes very emotional debates about the planned chicken coop in mannsflur, the graffiti on the road leading to the haas property are certainly not meant in a positive way. But it is criticism or even a threat?

Farmer stephan haas does not like speculation. In any case, he has already begun the construction of the controversial henhouse. The flat for the 88 meters by 30 meters coop with winter garden and free range is already cleared. "I currently have only a partial building permit. Because we are still waiting for the decision of the water board", explains haas himself. Nevertheless, he is determined to get the shell of the building over the stage before the winter months. "We put the frost protection, make the floor slab and build the shell. We want to invest a million euros", says haas.

So far, the farming family, which has been based in mannsflur for centuries, has 40 cows. "The cows have never disturbed anyone. But we had to invest in the barn, wanted rather to switch to chickens. If you convert 12,000 chickens to gross livestock units, that’s exactly 40 cows," says the farmer, says haas and hopes that he can pacify the opponents. The chickens are to be kept outdoors. "We have changed over to organic farming – that should be fine with the men’s farmers. Because this change will benefit everyone", says haas.

Now the farmer is getting protection help from the wahlergemeinschaft marktleugast. Norbert volk, the new municipal councilor marco rodel, who will succeed siegfried baierlein at the next meeting, and georges frisque stand up for the farmer. "The access road to the haas estate is to be only 2.50 meters wide. This is not the case. The public road is between 3.20 and 3.80 meters wide. In addition, when the machine hall was built in 2014, no concerns were raised", says volk. No increased traffic is to be expected from the new layer house. And up to now, mull removal, feed transporters and the 38-ton milk truck have been able to travel unhindered. Opponents of the poultry house fear that traffic will also increase at night. But this is not the case, emphasizes farmer haas.

At the moment, farmer haas also has a partial building permit because the decision of the water management office is still pending. "The farm is not connected to the sewer system. So far, we have always let the rainwater seep away on our own flat land, the farmer emphasizes. Haas has even had a seepage analysis carried out. In general, the construction of a barn for 12,000 laying hens does not require an expert opinion on immission control. "I have had such an expert opinion made to eliminate all reservations. And i’m already jerked away from the next houses", says the farmer. Haas has accepted more than 20,000 euros in additional costs, and now he hopes that peace will finally return and that the partial building permit issued by the district office will be accepted. "The majority of the municipal council has approved the construction of the henhouse. Now the decision must also be implemented", reminds georges frisque of the resolutions.

"We want to start production in the spring. We have really answered all the requests that the district office has had. We are 230 meters away from the next residential development with the barn – that is more than twice what was prescribed. And at night there are no larvae, because at night the hens are asleep", says farmer haas.

I think we should be happy when a farmer invests in us and wants to make the company sustainable for the next generation", according to norbert volk at the local meeting of the electoral community marktleugast. "We are here in the country. Where else would you build a chicken coop, if not here"?, stressed georges frisque.


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