There is only one mistake in first aid: doing nothing

There is only one mistake in first aid: doing nothing

For many people, the last first-aid course was several years ago – if not until the driver's license test. The aim of an initiative was therefore to reach people all over the world and make them fit for resuscitation. The helios st. Elisabeth hospital in bad kissingen has trained the staff of the district administration office in bad kissingen for emergencies.

Steffen trautmann, senior physician for anesthesia and emergency physician at helios st. Elisabeth hospital, together with his two resuscitation trainer colleagues and anesthesia nurses oliver fehr and jurgen ackermann, held the resuscitation course at the district administration office and gave helpful tips for serious cases: if a person collapses, it should be checked immediately whether the person is conscious and whether their breathing is normal. If this is not the case, the emergency number for the rescue service (112) should be dialed immediately. Precious minutes often pass before the rescue service arrives. Minutes that can save lives if cardiac massage is initiated immediately: effective pressure pumps blood from the heart muscle to the head. This results in up to a threefold increase in the likelihood that the victim will survive without harm, explain the resuscitation trainers.

Songs provide suitable frequency

"In the event of cardiac arrest, there is no more effective medication than cardiac massage to survive the situation", according to trautmann. But it all comes down to the right printing. 100 times per minute is the right frequency. If you have trouble with the rhythm, you can try the song "staying alive" or "breathless through the night" orient. What may seem ironic gives a good beat here.

Such a heart pressure massage can also go quite on the condition, the fewest are probably in these things gebubt. Tip: take turns with others – until professional help arrives on the scene. Those who are alone should simply do what they can, naturally without endangering themselves, say the experts. There is only one mistake that should be avoided: doing nothing.

Dispatchers give clear instructions by phone to ensure early chest compressions. The breastbone should be imprinted in the middle of five to six centimeters. "And when ribs break?", asks a participant of the course. "If you perform effective chest compressions, ribs may break, more likely in the elderly than in the young.", says the experienced emergency physician. "But only so the ribs also get the time to heal again.


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