Theater stucco with Daniel Radcliffe stopped in london

Theater stucco with daniel radcliffe stopped in london

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the first large theater in london has suspended its operations for the time being.

The old vic announced on sunday that the theater play "endgame" with former "harry potter" star daniel radcliffe and british actor alan cumming ("goldeneye") in the leading roles will end two weeks earlier than planned. Also some small theaters in the british capital already interrupted their program.

"With great sadness we have had to decide to stop the performances of endgame," read the announcement from the more than 200-year-old theater. The piece by samuel beckett has been performed in a double bill with beckett’s "rough for theatre II" since the end of january. Radcliffe and cumming played in both plays, which were shown one after the other.

In great britain there is no ban on assemblies so far. Those responsible for the old vic acted on their own initiative. "We have no reason to doubt the current directions of science and the government in dealing with the coronavirus," they wrote, "but with the new restrictions on travel and other things, it is also becoming increasingly impractical to maintain play operations in our theater as usual."

Ticket holders were asked in an e-mail not to ask for the money back for their ticket, but to donate it to the theater. As an independent, not-for-profit institution, the old vic depends on donations, sponsorship and ticket sales. "Therefore, a full refund of all the cancelled ideas would have been financially devastating for us," it was said. In return, officials offered a video recording of the production and a free theater membership for a year.


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