The sms choir loves to sing psalms in the christus church

"I lift my eyes to the mountains": this is how 121 begins. Psalm of the bible – a pilgrimage song. Probably the text was sung by the pilgrims on the steep ascent to jerusalem, the city already in front of their eyes. After a long and arduous journey, people were happy to reach their destination, and they looked up with gratitude to the one who dwells above all the heavens.

Ancient prayers

Joy and joy, gratitude and happiness, fear and sorrow, disappointment and suffering – the psalms, as an ancient prayer treasure of the church, bring all the highs and lows of human existence before god. The old testament of the bible contains 150 psalms, which people have been praying, singing and meditating on for well over 2000 years.

In almost every situation in life, man finds himself in a psalm, in which the praying man spreads out his life before god, lament as well as petition, thanks and praise! It is probably precisely because of their emotional power and diversity that many composers have always appreciated and used the psalms as a source of themes for sacred choral music. Many psalms have then been set to music again and again over the centuries – and still are. The sms-choir ludwigsstadt also took on the setting of a series of such poetic treasures in its latest music project.

Project of the deanery

The SMS choir (st.-michaels-sanger) originally as a project choir of the evangelical-lutheran deanery ludwigsstadt. Musical director since the foundation in 2001 is deanery cantor sigurd knopp. The choir is made up of members from all over the country, from the rennsteig region of thuringia and bavaria. The first common music project of the SMS-choir ludwigsstadt, which was extended to a project-choir, was "jerusalem schalom" in the year 2002. Since then, the choir has been regularly involved in various new musical projects, including the heartfelt psalm concert. After this had already been performed in steinbach am wald, the sung word of god – at the special request of dean dorothea richter – was now also heard in the kronach christuskirche as the conclusion of the deanery synod and became a profound experience.

With a great deal of empathy and in good cross-denominational and cross-border unity, the participants, who acted cleanly and with understanding of the text, gave space to broad human themes such as hope, faith and love, but also fears and longings. Together with their leader sigurd knopp, they have created a touching musical confession of faith with texts and songs that get under the skin. A moving concert of intimate touching, loving experience of what a diverse source the bible is and how impressively and vividly the christian message becomes through the power of music – right up to the crowning conclusion: psalm chapter 150 "the rough hallelujah" – what a praise, what a sound!

The program, with accompanying texts and spiritual impulses, was led by birgit kleefeld, who has adapted some of the psalms on the basis of the 2017 luther bible, together with the new priest dorothea weigelt. The choir was supported by sandra schafer-kupferling and christoph methfessel, who enriched the concert with their playing on the transverse flute and the piano.


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