The silver rhombus belongs to sc stettfeld

"That is an absolute seal of approval for our club", was pleased schonfelder. This is the basic prerequisite for the "golden rod" created. "This is an award for our work and the whole SC family", emphasized schonfelder. "The community can be proud to have such an association in its ranks."

Jubilee was a successful event
In his review of the year, klaus schonfelder described the "66. Jubilee" the focus was on the SC's anniversary, which was celebrated last year with a festive reception and an open-air concert.

The number of members, especially the stable development of the youth, also gave reason to rejoice. Nevertheless, schonfelder warned, one cannot close one's eyes to the demographic development. "In the future there will be fewer children and young people and more active older members."

Second rough point of its ausfuhrungen was the planned reorganization of the sport home. He sharply criticized the bureaucratic hurdles that had to be overcome in order to receive a grant from the BLSV (bavarian sports federation). "A few weeks ago, we followed up and received an e-mail reply that a small application was missing and that we should process it as quickly as possible and send it back. But you had already received the desired information in the main application."

The amount of work that has to be done is out of proportion to the yield. "I hope that we have now sent everything to the gentlemen in munich for further processing", said schonfelder and showed himself visibly pissed off.

There is support from the own rows in the village
But, there were also bright spots away from all burocracy. "We can cope better with the relatively high expenses for the BLSV now that we know that both the municipality of stettfeld and the legal community will support us with subsidies for the financing. I would like to express my sincere thanks for that on behalf of the SC," he said, castle schonfelder.

Of course, the sporting side was not forgotten at the general meeting. Christian rothlein reported on the current status of the first team, which is currently in a relegation place. "For the team, the coach and the entire environment, it is now, give everything, otherwise it will be difficult to keep the class", he made clear.

He also informed that the SC will part with the coach gerd emrich at the end of the season and will not renew his contract. At the moment we are trying to find a successor, but we can't say anything concrete yet.

Edgar frohling reported on the youth teams. His special thanks went to the coaches matthias kuhn, helmut schopplein, edgar gutknecht and udo busch for looking after the youngest players. "But at the moment we have only ten coaches for five teams, it must be distributed on more shoulders."

The A-youth organizes itself
For the A-youth there is currently no coach at all available. "The boys have to organize everything themselves, and that can't go on in the long run. It's five to twelve, support the youth, otherwise there will be problems with the first team in the foreseeable future", he reminded.

Since treasurer peter bruchmann passed away last year, the audit committee asked to elect a new third treasurer. Jurgen amend was unanimously elected to this office. The departmental leadership of the hiking group was also newly filled. Roland simon takes over the position on a provisional basis until the next general meeting.

Of course, there was no shortage of honors. Felix hofner, holger hummer, dominik markert, christian merklein, manuela and thomas rattenbacher, patrick reinwand, andreas simon, holger zehner, and michael zehner were honored for 20 years of membership. For 40 years, manfred gobel, josef greubel, walter koller, gunther markert sen., herbert spath and rupert stratz remain loyal to the SC.


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