The place is finally found

The place is finally found

In february 2020, the electoral community of pretzfeld-altreuth had submitted an application to the integrated rural development concept (ILE) "frankische schweiz aktiv" a request for the construction of a senior citizens’ movement area and a children’s playground has been filed. The costs were estimated at 15000 euros. The project was to receive around 8500 euros from the ILE. In addition, there are donation commitments in the amount of 1600 euros.

"The administration has checked the process after receiving the relevant documents", explained first mayor steffen lipfert () in the youngest meeting of the market town council. It turned out that the planned flat is a mapped biotope flat, i.E. A wetland meadow. This is ruled out as a place for exercise and play. In june, the EPA’s application was therefore amended. The playground at the sports ground in pretzfeld should now be used for the project.

Caution, flooding

The EPA suggested in a presentation that the rough hedge should be cut back here. Three small trees, the hedge on the creek side and cobblestones in the back area were to be removed. In addition, the seesaw was to be moved. It was also proposed that the goals at the soccer field be replaced, a water playground be created and two pieces of exercise equipment be installed. The total cost of this was estimated at 23 800 euros.

However, the playground is located on the trubach river and thus in a flooded area. For the implementation of the idea, water rights approval procedures had to be initiated and nature conservation requirements had to be taken into account. For a planned mud facility, which is to be moistened by groundwater, an official approval would also be necessary. "Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the delivery time for this equipment is about twelve weeks", added lipfert, pointing out that this would make it impossible to meet the specified deadline for obtaining the permit.

Therefore, he proposed that the two exercise machines and a seat be placed at the playground altreuth. There is a lot of space here and there is no river nearby. The gates at the football field could also be renewed. The cost of this implementation has been estimated by the EPA at approximately 15,300 euros. "With this sum the requirement of the ILE for a small project can be met", said lipfert. After deduction of the demand and the donations the remaining costs in height of approximately 5200 euro could be carried by the municipality.

The municipality was to pre-finance the macquisition and bear the financial risk, as well as assume operator responsibility. The market town councils agreed to this with one dissenting vote.

Discussions about a fence

After the meeting, members of the audience gathered in front of the school to discuss the procedure. They liked the idea of installing the equipment at the altreuth playground. However, the burghers disliked the fact that the playground is not fenced in. Youth representative tanja dvorak knew the topic and explained that dog owners had used fenced playgrounds as a run and toilet for their animals. The topic is now to be discussed with the mayor.


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