The gloss: wiesentheid between lettuce heads and center-parcs

The gloss: wiesentheid between lettuce heads and center-parcs

Mr. L. Has written to us. As a road master i. R. He kindly informs us that the police reports always refer to "central crash barriers" on the highways are reported. This is wrong. Rather, it had to be "guard rail" heiben. A master trencher i. R. We do not want to contradict naturally. But is not since generations on the freeways "against the central guardrail bounced"? And, quite honestly: even if the protective plank is technically correct, no one can compete with a really beautiful median plank.

Wurzburg commuters currently have a troubled relationship with the things anyway. The reason for this is that the B8 between biebelried and rottendorf and vice versa is currently only moving forward on one lane, and traffic is backed up and backed up and backed up. Because there just – exactly: the planks are replaced. And this by guardrail fitters who all belong to the guardrail protection community. This in turn… But we do not want to go too much into detail.

Let’s focus on the question why the summer could pass us by so quickly. Zack, beginning of autumn on monday. In volkach, too, people are wondering whether the summer of cabaret really lasted seven weeks. The spab at the weinfestplatz was well received in any case. We were bet some guardrails that the event will be held again next year. And, quite honestly: we are already looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, in wiesentheid, there was plenty of fun to be had without the cabaret. Dutch company delissen will not be growing lettuce there after all. The plan was for 17.4 hectares under glass, about 24 football fields. With a harvest of up to 100,000 heads of lettuce per day. No one needs it, thought many people from wiesentheide, went to the barricades and can now be happy that they no longer have the lettuce.

With this, wiesentheid has once again proven its rebellious indomitability. Once before, almost exactly 30 years ago, people fought as vehemently as they did successfully against a settlement. Center parcs had wanted to build a leisure park with 700 bungalows on 160 hectares of land in a forest stump.

Otherwise, the 36. Week of the year a good week because a) there were still vacations and b) the first featherweave is here. And we now know how to settle the discussion about center guardrail and guardrail: from now on, for everyone’s peace of mind, the thing will simply be called center guardrail.


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