The “encirclement of ebern” falls

The itzgrund can now be reached from the area of ebern via the landsbach again. On wednesday, the district road HAS 51 (ebern-gleusdorf) was opened to traffic after a construction period of four and a half months. One problem during this time was that the state road 2278 between ebern and untermerzbach in the hambach was also temporarily closed and thus a connection to the itzgrund in the direction of coburg, especially for heavy vehicles, was only possible via kilometer-wide detours.

At the official opening of the district road on wednesday, district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) was pleased that the important link to the itzgrund can be used again. He also talked about the state road 2278, on which, as well as on the HAS 51, "a huge construction program" was carried out the accident had to be unwound, with the result that both roads had to be closed for a time. "I would like to take this opportunity to express my special thanks to the patient and understanding citizens of this region who have put up with these circumstances and accepted long detours, and that only a few complaints were received by our construction administration", said schneider.

As early as september 2014, the rehabilitation of the HAS 51 was included in the district’s expansion plan, said the district administrator. "Eight variants were played out in order to achieve an optimal technical solution. Aspects of landscape planning, nature conservation and above all traffic safety had to be taken into account", said schneider.

"1000 meters of power line had to be rerouted and 8000 square meters of road removed. 12,000 cubic meters of soil removal and 8,000 cubic meters of soil application were necessary. 17,000 tons of antifreeze and 4,000 tons of asphalt were laid", said schneider. A total of 1.65 million euros was invested in the 1300-meter-long road, of which 600,000 euros had to be financed from the county’s own funds. "Today we can say that everything has paid off, a trench has been built that fits well into the landscape and meets the requirements", said schneider. This mabnahme shows that the district habberge offers its burghers the best possible infrastructure and that the district cares a lot about its road network.

Ebern’s mayor, jurgen hennemann (SPD), was also pleased that the "encirclement around ebern" had fallen has dissolved again. After the hambach had been "cleaned up the inconvenience for the road users has been eliminated and now also the road in direction gleusdorf is free again. The route over the landsbach into the itzgrund is an important connection for ebern, since it serves commuters to get to their workplaces in the coburg and lichtenfels area. Hennemann mentioned that residents along the detour routes, especially in eyrichshof, had complained to the city of ebern that traffic was very heavy and that there were mainly trucks on the road that were not allowed to drive there. They probably wanted to avoid the wide-area detour. The mayor of ebern thought it was good that several variants had been discussed in advance and that they were "in existence" was built. In the area of the "mannlehn" driveway a 70 km/h speed limit sign will be placed in front of the town sign. "There, we have to observe together how driving is done in order to take further mabnahme if necessary.", said hennemann.

The street image has changed enormously after the rebuild. At the former hilltop, about 300 meters after the end of the village of ebern in the direction of gleusdorf, a "breakthrough" was made, which is why an imposing bosque has been created south of HAS 51. As alfons schanz, head of the civil engineering department of the habberge district, said, the steep boschungskorper will not be further fortified. "That should remain natural", so schanz. Also the connection of the farm roads was changed. They are now mouthing off to places in the county road where visibility is better.


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