Stress test for domestic industry

At the neuseses site of the dr. Schneider group of companies has demonstrably infected one person with the COVID-19 virus. This is confirmed by the press spokeswoman of the group of companies. The person concerned is currently in domestic quarantine. Another 16 employees were also placed under quarantine immediately after the test results became available, on the instructions of the health authorities.

However, these are not the only effects the corona virus is having on the local industry. In many companies, production has to be scaled down. Every day is currently different, according to the press spokeswoman of the dr. Schneider group of companies, ria schuberth. She assumes that many of the customers will stop their production this week.

Due to the circumstances, the management had taken measures at the sites in neuses, tschirn and judenbach. Production will be cut back to the extent that remaining customer requirements can be met and delivery obligations fulfilled. Schuberth does not rule out the possibility that production could be cut back to 20 percent. For this reason, the new, much more flexible options for short-time work created by the government are also being used.

Virtual conferences

The employees in the administrative area are doing their work in the home office or reducing their hours, she explained. Around 550 employees work from home offices at the german sites. Schuberth also emphasized that the dr. Schneider group of companies strictly adheres to legal protection requirements. The company is in close coordination with the local health authorities and the hygiene regulations recommended by the robert koch institute are mandatory.

Meetings were only held via video and audio conference. In addition, a pandemic team consisting of management, human resources, IT, and health and safety managers has been created. Coordination takes place on a daily basis.

Bottled beer currently in demand

Sales of glass and PET preforms or PET bottles are still "normal to good", according to oliver wiegand, managing director of the wiegand-glas group of companies. Due to the fact that the catering trade is currently closed and therefore also the serving of draught beer is declining, more beer is being consumed from bottles.

Nevertheless, the steinbach-based glass container manufacturer "corona" also has a lot to offer not without a trace. In order to maintain glass production, for example, employees in moldmaking were divided into two teams, he explains. This was done as a precaution so that, in the event of an emergency, an entire workshop would not have to be closed and glass production would come to a standstill.

No salary racketeering

Due to the new team formation, the employees in the affected departments are missing hours at the end of the month. Short-time working has therefore also been announced. The affected employees do not have to accept a reduction in salary, as the company compensates the difference.

Maintaining production is also a "social responsibility" for me, according to wiegand. Although wiegand-glas is not a direct producer of foodstuffs, the company supplies important packaging for drinks and foodstuffs and has a market share of around 30 percent throughout germany.

Contact is avoided

Wiegand says that the wiegand-glas group of companies is also complying with the requirements, such as the minimum distance. The shift changes were also structured in such a way that contacts between employees were avoided as far as possible.

The rauschert steinbach company, which employs around 300 people, is located right next door to wiegand-glas. The managing director roland P. Rauschert speaks of "gross uncertainty". Production stoppages at auto plants, the disruption of supply chains will certainly have an impact on his company as well. He does not yet have an answer to what these will be.

"There’s a lot going on, I haven’t experienced anything like this yet!", says the authorized signatory of petz industries, wolfgang porzelt. Other instructions are constantly coming from the business partners. Sometimes orders are placed only to be cancelled one hour later and then received again two hours later in a different form as an order.

With its 170 employees, petz industries is a supplier to the automotive industry. Porzelt is confident that it will be able to produce at least some of the beer even during the difficult times at corona. On the one hand, the company not only serves the automotive industry, but also the medical technology, solar and energy sectors, among others.

Nothing can be planned

Cars are still being produced in countries such as china and bulgaria, too. But the uncertainty is great and the problem is that one can no longer plan and estimate anything. It is also not known how long the supply chains will continue to function. "The situation changes hourly!"

At the company W.O.M. Short-time work is not an issue in ludwigsstadt. "We are pleased to be able to offer jobs, especially in difficult times, explains managing director clemens scholz. WOM is at home in minimally invasive medicine and develops devices and accessories that are needed for operations all over the world.


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