“Small village renewal” for Hermersdorf

For mayor helmut lottes, it is not only a chance, but also a "small village renewal for the local part hermersdorf: together with the swing round way demanded from the ELER program a footpath is to be put on at the east side of the circle road ERH 20 localauswarts to the crossing with the ERH 18. That it is "quite unbureaucratic" lottes learned from the office for rural development, which is responsible for the request. For hermersdorf, this is a real renewal, explained the head of the municipality. The sidewalk will be extended to the county road to provide a safe connection to the existing bus stop. Station four of the circular swing path in hermersdorf is planned at the corner (corridor number 405) opposite the milk filling station.
The planner, landscape architect frieder muller-maatsch, considers this place to be central and very effective in terms of publicity. What is new is that the district office requires a building application for the swing station and the extension of the property. This item was included in the agenda due to its urgency and was decided upon. The estimated construction costs for the swing station in hermersdorf and the walkway amount to around 190,000 euros. The office for regional development has set a demand of 60 percent for this purpose. The administration was instructed to prepare the application for a claim from the EAFRD program and to submit it to the office for rural development. According to the mayor, the citizens will not participate in the costs.

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