Schuler delivers ideas for future builders

The students of the 4. The students of the 4th semester were given the subject "building planning and building law" the task set by your teacher alexander kufner: approval exemption for a semi-detached house as an energy-efficient house 55 in sonnenleite." The task was clear for kufner: "the students were given the fictitious task by a builder to design a semi-detached house on his property in wirsberg in the area covered by the 'vollrathsgarten' development plan. It's all about floor plans, solar energy generation, beneficial uses, sustainable building, cost-effectiveness, wood-frame construction, and environmentally conscious heating and ventilation technology. The row houses must be designed for families with two children each. An energy-efficient construction as a so-called k-efficiency house 55 has to be proven."

Monika motschenbacher (22), who lives in the wallersberg district of weismain, is looking forward to the job: "i think it's interesting, it combines practice and theory, and all subjects are addressed. I don't have any jitters, because we've already done a project with a single-family home. There have already been."

Alexander volker (24) from kulmbach also has a positive opinion: "it is good that the task is cross-project. We can ask any teacher about it. So you are not alone."
Volker thinks the project is already practical. He wants to ask his parents what they may have done wrong when they built the house and what they have now improved upon. "That's what I like to do. But we also talk a lot among ourselves and don't run to the teacher for every problem", says the 24-year-old.

"A rough challenge"
For david dietrich (24) of the same age from bad windsheim, the project is a rough challenge: "we start from scratch, then plan a complete house and take the legal steps. I approach the planning with the question of what I myself liked about it. I am a skilled carpenter, and therefore wood plays a rough role."

Monika motschenbacher, however, sees a problem in the living space requirement: "with 135 square meters, you have to fit everything in. The housing concept is a bit tricky."

Before they had started their work, the prospective civil engineers had been welcomed to the town hall by mayor hermann anselstetter. "I think it's a great idea. I've been a mayor since 1978 and I've never done a project like this before." In his capacity as a teacher, he praised the "prime example of action-oriented teaching". A young person benefits much more from this "than from just sitting in a classroom.

While anselstetter and his staff at the town hall are excited to see what the schools come up with, teacher alexander kufner calls it a "win-win situation". Not only the technical college students benefited, but the community as well.

Best drafts are awarded
Fufner wants to finish the project with a competition, by the way. A jury consisting of teachers from the technical college and representatives of the market is to award the best three designs.


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