Regenerative district heating planned for schlammersdorf and trailsdorf

Together with the community and local residents, further regional potential for a future-oriented building supply beyond fossil fuels is to be exploited in hallerndorf, and residents in the trailsdorf and schlammersdorf districts of hallerndorf are also to benefit from reliable prices.
The concept of the near-warmth project focuses on the efficient use of energy and the coupling of electricity and warmth. The overall energy supply for a planned new construction area and the existing building stock is designed to keep line losses and the primary energy factor, which is particularly important for new buildings and renovations, low – for example, through the accompanying use of solar energy or waste heat from biogas plants.
The advantages of a communal heat supply, the technical possibilities for this and the factors influencing a sustainable supply of buildings in trailsdorf and schlammersdorf were the main topics of an information evening at which the forchheim energy supplier "naturstrom" presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf with heat presented the first plans for supplying other parts of hallerndorf. The basis for the further concretization of the plans are questionnaires, which interested parties can submit by 30 september. November to "naturstrom send or. In the town hall hall hallerndorf can hand over. An information event on the next steps for the realization of the construction phase is planned for next spring.

Heating at the foot of the cross mountain

Last year "naturstrom a district heating network has been installed in hallerndorf that already supplies around 100 buildings with regenerative heat. The heart is the energy center, whose innovative technology, according to a press release from the energy supplier, not only ensures a reliable heat supply, but also allows a view through a large pane of glass.
The energy center is surrounded by bavaria's largest free-standing solar thermal system in combination with a local heating network. Around 61,000 liters of heating oil can be saved each year through the power of the sun alone.
The local heat supply in hallerndorf shows how environmentally friendly heat supply and climate protection can work at the community level.

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