Principal bub wishes daughter good luck with her school-leaving exams

German is on the syllabus for around 38 students on friday.000 high school graduates in bavaria. But not the usual lesson, but the centrally set abitur tasks. "I am relaxed", vera bub (17) from bad bruckenau is quite relaxed about the exam. She obviously knows what she can do: "so far, it's gone quite well", she looks back on the past two school years.

Representative from bath kissingen
Vera bub's special feature: her assignments from the past two years, which also count towards her final grade, and the final exams themselves will be looked at very closely. Finally vera is the daughter of the principal stefan bub. "I don't really care if someone looks at it more or less", but the 17-year-old takes it all in stride. After all, she's been getting used to her role as the boss's daughter for eight years: "if you're not used to it any other way, it's nothing unusual."

Stefan bub teaches german, french and italian as an optional subject. In office as head of school, this year is the first time he is not chairing the exam commission for the baccalaureate. "But that is hardly noticeable, it doesn't change much in the process", bub makes clear. He is nevertheless very close to the performance of this year's 51 high school graduates at the franz miltenberger high school: "not only the students, but also teachers and principals have a slight tension before the high school graduation exam", bub points out that with the centrally set tasks, it is always open how the schools, and thus the school as a whole, will perform.

Bub is replaced as head of the selection committee by the head of jack steinberger high school, frank kubitza, as so-called ministerial commissioner. "This is the tenth time i've taken the baccalaureate, but this year it's the first time i've taken it at two schools", this is also a premiere for him. Among other things, all important work of vera bub and the abiturprufungen are controlled in bad kissingen. "At the end, there is a ten-page report for the ministry", tells kubitza. Of course that means a lot of driving: until the end of june the examination committees meet five times. On 14. June about in bad bruckenau at 7.30 o'clock and in bad kissingen at 8.45 o'clock. Each under kubitza's leadership. His task is completed when he signs the school-leaving certificates, and stefan bub will once again be responsible for the farewells. "It may be a time-consuming and expensive system, but it guarantees the quality of the bavarian baccalaureate, emphasizes kubitza.

And for bub, the whole thing will happen again in five years: then, presumably, his daughter isabell will graduate from high school.


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