Press brings 900 tons of pressure

The woco group is currently investing a million euro sum in the kronach branch. Because a hall with another 2500 square meters is being built on the already 10,000 square meters of land. They are intended to accommodate assembly and shipping, explains plant manager rudi grebner.

The construction vehicles are scurrying around. Because time is running out. Although ground was only broken in march, assembly is to move this year. And directly attached "loadhouses will then ensure in the future that customer parts can be delivered directly from completion. "With the new hall, we are optimizing processes and saving on travel", says grebner and is already looking forward to the future.
The kronach site has established itself as a firm fixture in the woco world.

Ceramics and porcelain, with the company known as kronacher porzellanfabrik stockhardt& schmidt-eckert the company's success story began exactly 100 years ago, have long since passed away. Plastics are the future.

Full service is offered
80 percent of sales are based on parts for the automotive industry. Whether it's noise evaporators or sound optimizers, oil filler nozzles or fan lever mechanisms, as well as air- and water-carrying components – woco makes all of these things. Customers include volkswagen, daimler, BMW, volvo, ford or general motors. However, woco kronach also manufactures parts for the electrical industry. But when today's plant manager thinks of the past, he too has to smile. Of course, today's product portfolio no longer includes dryer hoods for hairdressers, radio covers or remote controls.

"Here in kronach, we offer a full service and support customers in the complete realization of their projects. We optimize the tools, do the fine-tuning and the sampling", grebner explains. Inquiries are currently being made again as to whether experts from the kronach plants can be lent to mexico. "We have good people here and a high density of skilled workers", says grebner.

The majority of the skilled workers are process mechanics for plastics and rubber, industrial mechanics, mechatronics, but woco kronach also has logistics specialists, electricians and trainees in the industrial and commercial fields. The opportunities are good for the younger and the older people. "We actually take on all of them. With us, no one is on the street directly after the test. We always take on everyone for half a year", says grebner and emphasizes that it is a special concern for him to give young people a chance. "They should be able to do the training in peace and then get a taste of the profession – without pressure", is the maxim of the plant manager. "The nice thing about us is that you can go everywhere. Wherever cars are made, we also have branches," says grebner with a laugh, says grebner and emphasizes that this offers young people a chance for an international career.

Acoustics department
Woco is particularly well positioned in all acoustic matters. Because woco develops covers and car parts that reduce or optimize noise. This means that woco is making a special contribution to ensuring that the cars sound as they should. Noise can be filtered out or built in. "We can also be louder", grebner says with a laugh, but emphasizes that this is actually not often desired. But having our own sound lab in the center can change sounds exactly the way customers want them. And this is how the technology ensures that the unmistakable sound of the car brand is preserved.

Mostly it's about making the sound more sonorous or simply quieter. A particular challenge is always noise vaporizers, which are mounted directly on the turbocharger or in the helicopter area of the engine. They are partly made of thermoset. "Thermoset, in this case phenol formaldehyde, is chemically crosslinked, which is more expensive, but the advantage is that the material is infusible and incombustible", he explains.


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