Packing for romania

On friday, the elementary school students of carl-platz-schule handed over more than 200 already packed packages to the jakob britz family and sent them on their way to romania. Thus, for the fourth time, a great idea for a relief operation for children in the romanian banat is implemented. Jakob britz comes from lenauheim in romania and surprises kindergarten and elementary school children there with a christmas present.

The teacher heike hausecker of the class 2g organized again the action "presents in a shoebox" at the school. She has a lot of support from the children, the parents and the parents’ council as well as the staff and the janitor. "I think it’s great that you give away some of your things to make children happy who don’t get a present at christmas", praised heike hausecker.

Jakob britz will set off with his wife eva to banat, some 1000 kilometers away, and hand over the packages in person. As eva bitz told, children of needy families in the municipality of lenauheim, in grabatz and bogurosch as well as residents of a home for the disabled are surprised with the gift packages. "The children there still respect santa claus and he will hand over the packages personally", eva britz explained to the children.

The class 2g and the class 2d loaded with great zeal the transporter, which was provided free of charge by the nurnberg forwarding company liegat logistik.


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