Nothing stands in the way of nazi demonstration

The district office of kitzingen has prohibited the requested demonstration of the "national and social alliance 1". May" on saturday, 30. March, forbidden in kitzingen. The negative decision was issued on thursday. Among the reasons given in the rejection decision were the critical danger forecast by the police and the "weighty symbolic power" of the train station and the congress center of the train station and the konigsplatz – where a rally was planned – with regard to the national socialist rule of violence and despotism. Jews were deported from kitzingen train station to extermination camps in two transports in 1942, before which they were forcibly housed in cramped quarters in an inn at konigsplatz.

The administrative court dealt with the case today, good friday. The decision states, among other things, that "the authorities' fears are speculative. The fact that riots and criminal acts cannot be ruled out, or cannot be ruled out definitively, does not justify a ban on the assembly. The chamber does not see any strong evidence for the assumption that the police were not able to prevent possible confrontations with third parties, even in view of the announced counter-demonstration."

Meanwhile, the preparations for the counter-demonstration are in full swing. On easter saturday, at 13.45 o'clock, several organizations and parties called for a demonstration with rally under the motto "kitzingen is colorful" at the bahnhofsplatz. The SPD district association of kitzingen has already registered the demo according to its own statement. "We want to set a sign for a cosmopolitan, democratic society", states the press release. Together with the free voters, the grun, the odp, the DGB, the CSU, the two churches and others, the SPD calls on the right to show that they are not wanted in kitzingen. "All citizens are invited and called to come and protect our democracy and our region from brown ideas!" According to the deputy district administrator robert finster.


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