New well: water protection area shifts

new well: water protection area shifts

The newly constructed well for drinking water between wiesentheid and untersambach occupied the wiesentheid town council. In the meeting, heike kraus from the specialist office baur consult presented the state of the municipality. Because of the new source, a new drinking water ordinance is currently being drafted, which will be reviewed by the respective authorities. Some statements are still to be made, kraus said.

One of the previous fountains, which had existed since 1960, was shut down. Not far from the site, the municipality drilled a new one as a replacement, which has a depth of 21 meters. The debris is three liters per second, the demand is sufficient, up to 60,000 cubic meters per year are removed. The values for iron and manganese are relatively high, kraus said, but this can be compensated for. The municipality uses the well to cover part of its drinking water consumption, the rest is supplied by long-distance water supply.

Water comes rather from the direction of geesdorf

After the investigations, the protected area around the source has changed somewhat. It shifted a bit to the northeast, because the direction of flow of the water came rather from the direction of untersambach/geesdorf. Previously it had been assumed that the sources were fed more from the direction of abtswind. According to heike kraus, there is no overlap with the protected area of the neighboring municipality of abtswind. The municipality now has to wait for the new ordinance to go through the authorities.

In addition, the flood concept commissioned by the community of village treasures was presented at the council meeting. The BGS office in darmstadt, germany, specifically addressed the issue of wiesentheid. Various proposals are still under consideration. Otherwise, the committee was in agreement with the plans. The documents will now be submitted to the authorities, then the level of demand will be decided – and it will be determined which and where improvements will be made.


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