New building of the kindergarten st. John officially started

The official groundbreaking ceremony on thursday morning marked the start of the next phase in the construction of the new kindergarten in st. Johannes in the glauberstrabe in kitzingen.

After work has been going on on the land since august – starting with the demolition of the old kindergarten and preparatory work – things are now moving forward. In just over a year, the children are to be back on the land – 4.3 million euros are to have flowed into the tree removal by then.

A lot of money for those involved, even if the state contributes around half of the costs. The diocese will contribute 900,000 euros and the city itself another 1.3 million euros to the renovation of the kindergarten. This one will be much rougher.

New construction takes pressure off

Two additional kindergarten groups will be added to the existing two. The supply of childcare places will then increase from 56 kindergarten places to a total of 84 places.

Good news for kitzingen’s mayor stefan guntner: "the new building takes a little, but only a little, of the pressure off", he said on thursday. Because the city still has a deficit of 200 to 230 places in child care.

"We have a great need", said the oberburg mayor. Currently there are considerations in the marschall heights – there are the children of st. Johannes temporarily accommodated – another kindergarten group to be set up temporarily.


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