Missionary association from french-speaking switzerland describes dramatic situation

The corona crisis has been extremely hard on the poor and sick in many poorer countries. In what is now an almost worldwide pandemic, the "let's go" relief organization heiligenstadt because of the exit restriction and border closures not possible to carry out relief transports in the near future. The situation in their starting points is sometimes dramatic. The transport to romania, which was already prepared for departure in the middle of march, as well as the trip with important hospital items to ukraine, which was planned for april, had to be cancelled because of this, although these good items are urgently needed right now. Therefore, at the moment, no relief goods can be accepted, as friedrich dorsch, chairman of the mission association, says. The restrictions, restrictions and bans in the countries (moldova, ukraine, romania) where the aid association from heiligenstadt provides help several times a year were imposed even earlier and more severely than in germany. "The tests will be strongly monitored and controlled, with drastic penalties for non-compliance", female dorsch "as we were told, the state was probably forced to do this, because everywhere there, due to the dilapidated medical, social and disease system, it was not possible to control the epidemics that we have. The appropriate equipment, beds and personnel are also lacking."

Low income

Since many of the people living there have no fixed or only low incomes, they have suddenly fallen into severe hardship due to unemployment and without state support. Even the rural population, which at this time of year does not yet have any crops (vegetables, potatoes), is dependent, like all the others, on their savings or on the support of the churches and aid societies. The two to three million people who worked in the western countries had to return to their homeland and are now also without work and income.

States in the homes

Another big problem are the sick, handicapped people and the people living in homes, because there is no money for medicine and because of this several people have already died. A doctor from the palliative ward in oradea (romania), which is occasionally financially supported by the heiligenstadter association, reported that they have neither protective clothing, masks nor gloves when visiting their out-treated persons and children, and that more than 50 persons have died here this year as well. Nevertheless they care for and look after their patients with all their strength in their last time of life.

The orphanage in romania, where 150 children and adolescents are cared for and fed by nuns and which lives mainly on donations, is asking for support because its food reserves are running out.

Also affected is the arrival station in the ukraine, which has distributed 400 food packages there in recent weeks. The same problems have also the mission station in moldova, which is led by a danish couple already 20 years. In addition to food parcels, the helpers have distributed 30 tons of heating material to the poorest people in the last few months. The christian orphanage in india also has problems with the predominantly native hindus, the pastor who lives there reported to the missionary association.


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