Leading senators against us troop withdrawal from germany

leading senators against us troop withdrawal from germany

The withdrawal of around 9500 US troops from germany is a done deal. President donald trump has agreed to a proposal to that effect from defense secretary mark esper, a pentagon spokesman explains.

With the withdrawal of 9500 of the currently 34.500 soldiers in germany also strengthened nato and the deterrence of russia, it said. Esper and chief of staff mark milley had discussed the plan with trump on monday, according to the report.

The pentagon will brief congress in the coming weeks, and then its NATO partners, the department spokesman added. The U.S. Congress, however, could still block or at least complicate the partial withdrawal desired by trump via the military budget.

Leading U.S. Senators from both parties want to pass legislation to prevent the withdrawal of american troops from germany. The group placed a stipulation to that effect in the senate budget before the defense budget was passed. Funds could only be used for a withdrawal if the defense secretary declared in a report to congress that it was in the interest of national security and did not endanger the security of european nato partners.

"The withdrawal of u.S. Troops from germany would be a gift to russia – and that’s the last thing we should do," declared former republican presidential candidate romney. A close confidant of trump’s, senator lindsey graham, also supported the advance. Democrat chris coons declared, "nearly 10.Withdrawing 000 soldiers from germany without consultation with the german government and our other european allies does not make america one bit safer." Democrat jeanne shaheen declared that the troop presence in germany was in mutual interest.

There was also opposition to the withdrawal plans from both republicans and democrats in the house of representatives. The democrats have also introduced a motion there to prevent a withdrawal of troops from germany uber the budget. Trump can order partial withdrawal as commander-in-chief of the armed forces – but to carry it out will require money that congress must approve. Until the military budget is approved (NDAA), there will likely be compromises and deals, which is why trump’s request could still be blocked.

The federal government was not consulted by the U.S. Government before deciding on the troop withdrawal, but has so far only been roughly informed about it. It points out that moving troops eastward could exacerbate tensions with russia. Defense minister annegret kramp-karrenbauer (CDU) briefly reminded the american allies of the 1997 nato russia pact, in which nato renounces the permanent stationing of "substantial military forces" in the former member states of the warsaw pact or the soviet union. Poland was part of the soviet-dominated warsaw pact until 1991 and joined NATO in 1999.

At the time of the cold war there were 250.000 u.S. Soldiers stationed in west germany to stand up to the soviet union. After the fall of the wall, the number was radically reduced: in the year 2000, there were only 70.000 U.S. Soldiers, ten years later 48.000 and today there are still just under 35.000 ubrig. However, germany remains the second most important U.S. Troop location in the world after japan.

A deduction of 10.000 soldiers had serious economic consequences for the regions concerned. In rhineland-palatinate alone, more than 7,000 german local forces are employed by the U.S. Armed forces; in all of germany, there are said to be 12 such forces.000 be. In addition, many thousands of other workers, especially in rhineland-palatinate, baden-wurttemberg and bavaria, are attached to the U.S. Troops. According to estimates, the U.S. Air force base in ramstein alone generates two billion U.S. Dollars in wages, salaries, rentals and contracts in the regional economy every year.

The withdrawal plans are criticized by many militaries. Former commander of u.S. Forces in europe ben hodges calls plan a "colossal mistake. The decision is purely politically motivated and does not follow any strategy.

However, many germans do not seem to be worried about the security of the federal republic in view of the announced redeployment: according to the opinion research institute yougov, 46 percent do not believe that nato’s defense capability will deteriorate. In contrast, 30 percent of the more than 6,000 people surveyed believe the opposite.

Some of the sites in germany are of central importance to u.S. Forces beyond europe. Ramstein air base is the hub through which the u.S. Transports troops and supplies to its theaters of operations in the middle east or africa. Nearby landstuhl is home to the largest u.S. Hospital outside the united states, grafenwohr in bavaria is one of europe’s largest troop training areas, and stuttgart is the command center for u.S. Troops in europe and africa.


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