Italian mafia boss arrested in utrecht case

Italian mafia boss arrested in utrecht case

The dutch judiciary confirmed the arrest of the 39-year-old. He was caught in an apartment at the request of the italian authorities.

Nirta’s family is reported to have been involved in the mafia murders in duisburg in august 2007. Six italians were shot dead on the street. The nirta strangio clan, to which the now arrested francesco also belongs, was held responsible for the murders. The murders in duisburg were triggered by an old family feud between two rival clans. Francesco nirta himself is not said to have been involved in the murders.

The ‘ndrangheta boss has reportedly been on the run since 2007 and was wanted internationally. In 2011 he was sentenced in absentia in italy to life imprisonment for murder. With nirta, four other manner were arrested, according to reports from the netherlands. Police found 40 kilos of cocaine and several thousand euros in cash in the suspects’ apartment and car.

"The operation is another blow against the ‘ndrangheta," said marco minniti, secretary in the government of prime minister enrico letta. "The arrest of francesco nirta, one of the ten most fugitive fugitives, shows that the fight against organized crime is one of the absolute priorities of the government, which is pursued with strength and commitment."The calabrian ‘ndrangheta is considered one of the most powerful italian mafia organizations.


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