Informative herb hike during the vacation program

Informative herb hike during the vacation program

Before setting off on a hike through nature, each child receives a plaster from renate halwart. On the way an insect could sting and then it is better to have one at hand right away. However, this plaster does not come from a manufacturer of medical products, but from mother nature's pharmacy: a leaf of the fat hen works like a plaster on insect bites, explains renate halwart. Nathalie and stefan try it out right away.

It is the first herb hike in the context of the vacation program of the municipal youth work of the district – a cross-generational hike for which about 30 people have gathered at the meeting point at the weihersmuhle near weismain. Together with the 17 children and teenagers, mother, father and grandmother also set out on a "herb hike for young and old".

Where the good heinrich grows
On the front side of the inn, which has been closed for several years, there is a plant that has become rare in the meantime: "the good heinrich used to grow everywhere where there were chicken coops", explains renate halwart. Each child receives a leaf of this plant and is allowed to look at it more closely. The leaves have mealy hairs on the underside. There is also the story of the heinzelmannchen, who were driven away by overly curious women. "Today they could be put to good use", sighs a mother.

Renate halwart is a lecturer at the environmental station in weismain and often goes on herb walks with interested people. She not only has a wealth of knowledge, she can also tell many details and stories. Not only does she tell us that the coneflower, a well-known medicinal plant, is part of the herb bush, but also that fish can be caught with its seeds. This is due to the narcotic substance that the seed contains. The corn cockle, a poisonous weed, used to be found almost everywhere in the fields. Today, the poisonous plant has become rare and is protected by law.

The path leads in the direction of wallersberg. However not on the strabe, but under it along. "Above is a nature reserve, and in a nature reserve nothing may be ploughed off, not even a little goose flower", explains the herb expert. That's why the group takes the path below the road. St. John's wort, which is also part of a herb bush, grows at the side of the path. Now, in august, the wild carrot can be found everywhere by the wayside. In the middle of this female flowering umbel there is a small black dot, nathalie discovers. However, not in every blood. Why this is so, no one knows, explains the herb expert. "Scientists have already racked their brains over it."

A hare takes flight
But there are not only plants to be seen, but also a rabbit, which, startled, tries to run away. Maybe he just wanted to taste the last two lowen tooth bleeds of the year?

Then there is the plantain, about which renate halwart has a lot to say. Emigrants had brought the seed with them to the new world on the soles of their shoes. That's why the north american indians spoke of the plantain as the "trail of the white man". If you separate the stem from the leaf, there are a number of long threads that could be taken as omens: this is how many girlfriends you will have, or this is how many children you will have, says halwart with a smile. "Great!", was the comment of stefan. However, the 13-year-old was lucky. Only three threads came loose from his leaf.

The herb hike lasted about two hours. Not only children, but also adults were taught a lot about medicinal plants.


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