In the same boat as Jesus

In the same boat as jesus

In the st.-on sunday, vincent engelhardt went to the table of the lord for the first time at the church of st. Georg in marienroth. Vincent received his first communion from pastor detlef potzl. The motto of the first communion preparation: "trust me, I am there!"

In his sermon, pastor potzl referred to the solemnity of the holy trinity, which could be celebrated on the day of the first communion. The celebrant and homilist commented on the first communion: "faith requires trust and the willingness to constantly deal with the message of jesus. The young ones of jesus – his friends – also experienced it. Together they were on the road with him – in the boat of life, so to speak. We wish vincent that he can sail through life with jesus, that storms will not confuse him and that he will always spurt: jesus is with him. You can trust in him," the priest suggested to the first communicant, but also to all those attending the service.

Parish priest andreas roderer loves to review the preparation time. The motto and the motif with the boat take up the encounter of the sinking peter with jesus on the sea of galilee, which is reported in matthew 14:22-33. When petrus is in danger of sinking, jesus immediately reaches out his hand. He is there and rescues petrus from the floods.

The musical framework of the impressive service was provided by Florian Beetz (organ and vocals), as well as marina buckreus and valerie engelhardt (vocals, guitar and violin). 


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