Impressive era comes to an end

Impressive era comes to an end

An impressive career, unparalleled in the district and beyond, came to an end in october. Rainer kretschmer, who can look back on more than 50 years of activity in various positions, associations and at "his TSV" at the age of 75, he has passed on the baton to the next generation.

For more than 52 years, kretschmer had guided the fortunes of TSV scheblitz. As secretary, he was a member of the board of directors from 1965, before being elected second chairman in 1971 and first chairman in 1978. From 1966 to 1993, he also held other honorary positions as a member of the executive board – treasurer and deputy chairman of the gymnastics district of sudoberfranken, which covers the counties of lichtenfels, bamberg and forchheim as well as the independent city of bamberg.

The BLSV took this as an opportunity to present rainer kretschmer with a special award at the members’ meeting with new elections. For the first chairman of the TSV scheblitz had announced, if a new responsible person was found, to put his office in this meeting to the verfugung and with its 75. The BLSV took this as an opportunity to celebrate his 60th birthday, which he recently celebrated, by going into his well-deserved retirement from the association.

The BLSV honors were presented by the district chairman of the bayerische sportjugend, udo schoberth, who presented him with the BLSV pin of merit in gold with brilliant and coarse wreath. It was an honor for him to present this award, which is very rare within the bavarian borders, to a man who had begun his honorary activities long before he himself had been born, said schoberth.

The members’ meeting also knew "their rainer" giving the right award. Thus rainer kretschmer was appointed unanimously and under standing ovations by the present on suggestion of the second chairman bernd can to the honorary chairman for life with the TSV scheblitz.

Rainer kretschmer hands over a fully healthy and debt-free association to the next generation of board members. In addition, he can also demonstrate impressive deeds in one of the largest associations in the district with over 1000 members. He introduced departments such as a volleyball and handball department in 1981, a very successful running group in 1987 and a mountain bike department in 2008. TSV currently offers its club members a total of eight sports to keep fit.

But the preservation of the club’s property was also very important to him. Under his leadership, the club’s own sports center and gymnasium, built in 1927 and expanded in 1965, were renovated in 1986/1987, the heating system was replaced in 1990, and the roof of the club building was insulated and re-roofed in 2004/2005. The cost volume for this alone amounted to 120,000 euros.

It is also thanks to his activity on the district level that the athletics offer of the club could be extended by the disciplines hurdles, long jump, high jump, track run and javelin throw after the completion of the school outdoor sports facilities in the school center of the city of scheblitz, and that the triple gymnasium of the school association could be used and thus the offer for the sportive activity of the young people could be made more attractive. Today, over 500 young people have found their way into the various departments of the TSV.

His personal commitment to the new construction of the sports pigeon facilities at a cost of 500,000 DM in 1982/1983 at the clubhouse, the construction and expansion of an alternative sports field in 1997/1998 and the new construction of a school soccer field in 2003 should also not go unmentioned. Here, in addition to a planning achievement for the expansion and its financial viability, he also showed strong physical commitment with hundreds of additional working hours on these sports construction projects.

His commitment and his constant willingness for the TSV 1862 scheblitz e.V. It is thanks to this that the club enjoys a high standing among the population, is financially on a sound footing and represents a solid, predictable benchmark for all the sports associations and other clubs in the region.

The other honors: the TSV badge in bronze was awarded to roland dorscht, ingrid hahner, judith herrmann, gunter kestler, andrea schafer, matthias tscharke and cornelia zeck. The TSV silver badge went to doris knauer, maria and ursula tscharke. Frank ebitsch, tanja fuchs, franz knauer and claudia schmittner were awarded the bronze BLSV merit badge.

The BLSV merit badge in silver went to christine goppert, birgit and jurgen pflaum, werner schmutzer and alexandra vogt. Ludwig lang and sabine schmittinger received the BLSV gold pin for 30 years of service to the association.

With michael ziegmann (first chairman), martin K. Fuhrmann (second chairman), two new club representatives were unanimously elected. Tanja fuchs as secretary and werner schmutzer as treasurer were unanimously re-elected as further board members. Ludwig lang and otmar rothlauf remain treasurers


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