How traffic will roll in the future?

"This is a small step towards reinventing the world in five years, when we have a chance to get everyone involved", said oliver kunkel, chairman of the association "wir gestalten heimat", at the closing event of the european mobility week in ebern. If carbon dioxide emissions continue as they are now, the earth will warm by 1.5 degrees in five years, says kunkel. In front of the eyrichshof castle on sunday, numerous vehicles with alternative drives were on display. Around 200 visitors found their way to the castle courtyard, where time-honored masonry met modern, environmentally friendly technology.

Oliver kunkel (zeil) has a vision of what habberge county could look like in 2025: "i would like to see attractive mobile stations everywhere with lots of green space around, seating and an app-controlled, intelligent system." This could look like this: the app could suggest the best way to get from A to B and, for example, offer the regional bus for the outward journey and an electric car or bicycle for the return journey, which you can easily rent.

Ebern mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) was pleased that the mobility week could take place in ebern despite the pandemic. The association "wir gestalten heimat" (we design our homeland) has been very conscientious in implemented the corona requirements for all events in order to ensure a high level of safety. The city’s leader also agrees with the networkers: "in the future, there must be less individual traffic and more communal traffic." Hennemann is also willing to let the mobilitatswoche take place regularly in ebern and to support it in the future. Especially since the church fair in turmerstadt always takes place on the same weekend, this would also be a good opportunity to combine the two events, explained hennemann.

Freiherr hermann von rotenhan was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of holding the vehicle exhibition in his palace courtyard. So he immediately agreed to support his former classmate oliver kunkel. "This information meeting is no substitute for the garden festival and the open air, but you can already see that the castle grounds are lively," says the baron, says the baron. The ambience was accompanied by the music of guitarist klaus neubert from zeil.

Numerous exhibitors offered the interested public a rough vehicle show in the field of electromobility. The car dealer gelder& sorg from ebern, for example, had the new VW ID 3 with him, which is the only electric car from volkswagen where the battery cells can be replaced individually. BMW/peugeot kuhnl from habfurt presented, among other things, the all-electric peugeot E 2003, which can be fully charged in five hours with a standard eleven-kilowatt connection. The smallest electric car, actually a quad according to the registration, was renault rost from rentweinsdorf with the "twizzy" on site. With the "kuga and the "puma the ford car dealership ankenbrand from eltmann attracted visitors to its stand. In addition, the car dealership kirchner from habfurt and ATB autotechnik gmbh from schweinfurt provided information with several vehicles.

One person who has already logged 200,000 kilometers of experience with electric cars is christoph helfrich from bad konigshofen. Together with many other private individuals, who also had their own e-cars with them and were exhibiting them, the purchasing manager reported first hand. Helfrich works for an energy supplier in nurnberg and travels all over the country on business. His first e-mobile was a BMW i3 four and a half years ago, while today he drives an opel ampera E. "At the beginning, it was quite an adventure to find a charging station on the way," said, according to helfrich. He often spent one or two hours preparing the route of his business trip in order to "fill up" on energy at the right place to be able to. At present, however, the network of charging stations has grown so large that he no longer has any problems and does not have to worry about being stuck somewhere for lack of an electric charging station.

Charging takes time, of course, but the businessman uses it wisely by making phone calls or answering e-mails. Helfrich’s wife drives a tesla and proudly showed the app on her smartphone where she can always see where her car is. The car rental service has many financial and organizational hurdles that are difficult to overcome (age, driver’s license, costs). It can also see how many percent of the battery is already full when the car is charged, or some time before the start of the journey, depending on the season, it can instruct the air conditioning to warm or cool the car. "When I call my daughter and she doesn’t answer the phone, I let the tesla honk remotely via the app and then my daughter knows that I’m about to call, reports the woman, who is enthusiastic about the electric drive, with a wink.

Very special two-wheelers were presented by the initiative "lastenrad bamberg". Together with a few comrades-in-arms, katharina breinbauer, chairwoman of the asta bamberg association, had traveled the 30 kilometers to ebern naturally with a few cargo bikes. The student talks about the project, which she believes could easily be implemented in other places as well. The idea of acquiring free, electric-powered cargo bikes for bamberg arose back in november 2014. "We know from our own work that voluntary, cultural and social initiatives, as well as numerous citizens, often lack transport facilities. Car rental has financial and organizational hurdles that are difficult to overcome for many (age, driver’s license, costs). However, a cargo bike is usually sufficient for transport, is more environmentally friendly and even faster in urban traffic", according to breinbauer. With the help of a number of supporters, the first cargo bike called "lore" was built in spring 2017 and the second cargo bike called "hans" in may 2020 be put into operation.

The bikes can be borrowed at two locations in the cathedral city in exchange for a voluntary donation. The bicycles can be used to transport objects weighing up to 100 kilograms. But two child seats are also integrated into the loading area, so that even the youngest can be present on a trip. The acquisition could not be made without sponsors, but at least the maintenance would be covered by the income from the rental, explained the chairwoman. The service is very well received in bamberg, with about 3,000 kilometers covered on each bike each year from spring to fall. Just a few days ago, the fleet was expanded and a third cargo bike was added to the rental fleet. The topic of transport on land was already discussed on thursday evening as part of european mobility week at the sustainability forum of the "wir gestalten heimat" network. In the frauengrundhalle in ebern, oliver kunkel brought together four leading institutes from all over germany to talk to the association members and guests about research and best practice-learning from examples of how to travel more comfortably, more smartly and more sustainably in rural areas.

The max planck institute for dynamics and self-organization sent michael patscheke from gottingen, who outlined for the district of habberge how a smart call-bus system could successfully supplement the existing local public transport system (opnv). Patscheke described how in the weser-marsch region and eventually in leipzig, his institute can use the laws of electricity theory to steer a minibus system including an app. This means that every user, no matter how remotely he or she lives, can direct the route of the bus to his or her home in real time. The scientist outlined how the district of habberge, divided into six sectors, could connect rufbus routes to bus and rail lines to achieve flat coverage. Patscheke even kept an eye on the costs, estimating a cost of 26 euros per inhabitant.

The drive technology of the future was presented by the site manager of ZF friedrichshafen AG in schweinfurt, hans-jurgen schneider. In his presentation, he spoke in favor of the climate friendliness of electric motor drives, although he did not ignore the problems associated with the mining of raw materials such as lithium. "While rates are not the problem, working conditions and environmental damage remain important challenges." Schneider also sees great promise in hydrogen technology, especially in the area of larger vehicles, but remains skeptical about the network of filling stations for cars.

The two institutes, which were connected via video conference, represented networking technologies for various mobility services, so-called multimodal mobility. How to park your bike safely, take a rental vehicle and then switch to the bus? You can get a ride on the first part of the route and cover the famous last mile with a rented pedelec? The lower saxony research association nemo is working with seven universities on these issues. The scientific director, professor marx gomez, was on the scene from oldenburg and reported on the first tried-and-tested app fahrkreis, which compares a wide range of mobility offers in real time and displays the most attractive ones. Groups with common mobility habits or needs, such as commuters, can also network.


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