Heavenly gifts made

Heavenly gifts made

Josef hofbauer saturday was craft day. At four of the eight stations of the "heavenly workshop, the french day already for the 18th time. The children made christmas stars, greeting cards and walnub mice, and creatively painted shopping bags. 122 children gave their "run sheets into a box to take part in the raffle that followed.

There was a big rush right from the start at guido hafner’s workshop in the volksbank’s vault. After just over half an hour, 30 children were able to take home an angel they had printed themselves. This year, the artist had created a very lively dancing angel as a linoleum print. "A needle stop, explains guido hafner, who had brought along angels from previous years for comparison to underline the variety of the heavenly host.

Cuddly toy practice overflowed

Even more turbulent than in his practice was the pediatrician bernward hinkes in the city library. Here, the crocodile with a broken leg sought medical help, as did a cold mouse or a dog with a sore paw. "In winter, this often happens, because the de-icing salt gives them a hard time", the physician explained. A fish was brought in for a routine check-up and a rabbit changed its mind just before the medical check-up. "That happens, that’s why the hopping animals are also called "scared rabbits", explained the doctor, but as a precaution he gave a bandage and a sticking plaster. For all traps.

On the first floor, claudia gottstein’s team conjured up angel curls in the girls’ hair. Even the girls of kindergarten age remained sitting quietly for it. In between, on the second floor, children made a fold-out christmas card in the shape of a christmas tree. Putting the template on the colored paper, tracing and cutting it out, folding the card along a template, gluing in a saying and decorating the christmas tree with balls (glue dots) or punched out stars required full attention. When painting bags in the fashion store schick, on the other hand, there were no limits to the imagination. Many children emphasized the ownership of their work by labeling their bags with their names.

Snowmen and mice

In the service point of the french day in the tobacco store hocke in the hauptstrabe it was a matter of coloring templates. But not with any colors. "Is there black in it?", philipp asked. This was needed for the snowman, which was to be given shading.

"Don’t skimp on the glue", was the order given to the children who made a paper star in the red cross store. Ten small shopping mares were placed on top of each other and glued down tightly. Then the paper was cut to a point on the side where the horns can normally be opened. Notches on the sides provided for individual decorations of the unfolded stars.

In the vault of the imperial palace, the members of the child protection association made walnut mice with the children. The nutshells were glued to a cardboard base and given a woolen thread as a tail. Whiskers completed the cute rodent, whose eyes were painted on with pencils. This was so much fun that some children even made several mice. After all, there can never be enough presents.


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