Hardcore appetizers: five finger death punch

hardcore appetizers: five finger death punch

It is shortly after 1. Crowds stream from centerstage toward arena. Green day has long since stopped playing – and boys noize on the alternastage "is really not rock". At least that's what 19-year-old luzie claims. The petite brunette is hanging badly on the ropes – or rather: on the barrier to the trench, directly in front of the stage of the clubstage.

The sun, the heat, the constant shuttling between three stages and the never-ending parties at the festival campsite have already taken their toll on her and her friends on the second day of rock in the park. "Half of us didn't make it, they're already in the tent. But I'm holding on, ironclad, luzie says and a hint of anticipation emerges on her face. "This is one band you just can't miss."

That's what others thought during the night from saturday to sunday. Already on "coheed and cambria at 23.35 o'clock the arena was well filled. But for the not quite official hardcore late-night special, thousands of festival-goers were once again drawn to the hall despite the balmy summer night. So many, in fact, that arena security chiefs changed their plans at short notice and opened the upper tier to visitors in addition to the middle tier.

Sympathetic fist bump
when the lights go out, there is no stopping the arena. Hard riffs, aggressive lyrics, mercilessly hammering double bass, pithy gestures. The performance of "five finger death punch", driven by frontman ivan moody, the carrying masses are driving to high performance: including a shower of beer cups and the loud calls for the very band that saved the rather average festival saturday for many metalheads: "five finger death punch"!


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