Half a million euros already spent

The city of munnerstadt has already spent around 480,000 euros on planning costs and expert opinions relating to the general renovation of the munnerstadt multipurpose hall. The administration has now sent out various documents to the city councils in preparation for the next city council meeting. Among other things, the presentation and the detailed plans for the project were very good.
The city council had rejected in the recent meeting with rough majority an approval of the plan and had taken these only to the knowledge. The background to this is an increase in costs to just under nine million euros.
Nevertheless: I would like the implementation as quickly as possible, in order to be able to keep the time schedule, which we agreed upon with the TSV", says mayor helmut blank (CSU). Because of the statement by carolin auinger from the WSP office that the work does not get cheaper over time, he has contacted various offices, the mayor says. These had confirmed.
The city council instructed the administration to contact the government of lower franconia. "We are going to the government to sound out the possible demands", according to helmut blank. He hopes that it will be a little more than 80 percent.


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