Gunther beckstein: freedom means responsibility

Gunther beckstein: freedom means responsibility

Every year, the service marks the start of a wine festival that many people in the oberland and the region have firmly marked in their calendars.

Gunther beckstein described it as a special challenge to take part in a church service: "i am used to standing at the lectern of the state parliament, the federal parliament or the federal council, or even giving a beer tent speech, but giving a pulpit speech in a church service in front of so many people is something very unusual. And also something very beautiful."

As youth leaders in bobengrun
Beckstein first sang the praises of the franconian landscape, especially of upper franconia and the franconian forest. In nearby bobengrun, he himself was a group leader of the YMCA of his hometown with many young people on the road. He called for rejoicing in creation.

"The bible tells of the wedding at cana, where jesus and his mother and the young were present. People celebrated intensively, so that the wine ran out. Jesus then gave the command to fill the water jars with water, and the water was turned into wine." Beckstein made it clear that wine already symbolizes joy of life in the bible: "it makes people feel the glory of creation. We are happy about it from the bottom of our hearts."

Beckstein himself is currently in an exciting situation in life: "after 39 years, I am leaving the bavarian state parliament. I was very concerned to be active in politics as a christian. I am shaped by the YMCA, humanly and religiously. I was a pretty shy little boy when I joined the youth group there at the age of 13." But: "i have been able to make friends, some of which still exist today. And this time has shaped me religiously, because I experienced as a great gift a personal faith."

"It is the great gift of our god that each of us is his likeness. That is why every human being has the same inviolable human dignity. A great message of humanity: the demented, old person has the same human dignity as the noble prize winner. And the freedom of the christians does not mean lack of commitment, but responsibility. Luther says: not freedom from what, but freedom for what!"

The economy should serve the people
It is also clear that the goal of the economy cannot be capital and profit, but the goal of the economy is to serve the people. And there are special challenges at the moment: "that politics regains its ability to act and is not driven by the financial markets. In times of globalization and financial crisis, this is especially difficult."

He also addressed the rough task of nursing, which will become even more important due to demography. "Even if the conditions for care have been improved a few months ago, this is by far not enough."

With church and trombone choir
The festive service was framed by the church choir and the trombone choir and was jointly organized by pastor siegfried welsch (presseck) and pastor heidrun hemme (grafengehaig).

Lord of the castle ludwig von lerchenfeld thanked the former prime minister for spontaneously agreeing to come to heinersreuth months ago.


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