Giant cucurbits: horticultural club from franconia grows cucurbit colossus

Kurbis are popular for a while now also in germany. Especially halloween was allowed to play a rough role here. Often kurbisse are carved to halloween or also consumed. A particularly popular dish is the cucurbit soup. A horticultural association from upper franconia has now grown a very special kurbis.

Conventional cucurbits usually weigh up to 1.5 kilograms, but the fruit and horticulture association in poxdorf in the district of forchheim has a sensation to report that has even made it onto tv. A huge kurbis has grown in the fields of the association. The colossus weighs 300 kilograms approximately, according to alfons bischof, the chairman of the horticultural association. But how did it come to the giant?

The XXL kurbis from poxdorf

The kurbis is not an indigenous species, but rather the "atlantic giant". This variety is particularly coarse and can reach 100 kilograms. Alfons bischof is particularly proud of his gardening club’s kurbis, which he says weighs 300 kilograms "100 percent nature". Because, as he says, the kurbis has reached its gross without any manure or additional watering.

giant cucurbits: horticultural club from franconia grows cucurbit colossus

Kurbis poxdorf 2
alfons bishop

The kurbis is so heavy that it can hardly be moved by the human strength of several people alone. But how to get such a giant? The seeds for the cucurbits cost a proud 19 euros, but there is a special reason for this, as the chairman of the horticultural association revealed, because the colossus descends from the german master-kurbis from augsburg.

But why do you need such a huge kurbis?? According to alfons bischof, the colossus was supposed to be presented at the traditional harvest festival parade in muggendorf, but it was cancelled this year because of corona. But to let the giant kurbis go bad was not up for debate. So the fruit and horticulture association poxdorf searched for an interested party with a newspaper advertisement. A buyer has also been found in the meantime: the adventure park schloss thurn has seized the colossus. The kurbis will be exhibited there during the halloween days in october.

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