Gates open for gardeners

Michael drochner likes to pass on his knowledge and is happy when it bears fruit – in the truest sense of the word. "I want to encourage people to design their gardens." The horticultural engineer (FH) now does this not only with the practical help of his garden workshop in marktbreit, but also with tours through private gardens.

New qualification

He got the tools for this during the qualification as a "guest guide garden experience bavaria", a new course of the garden academy at the bavarian state institute for viticulture and horticulture in veitshocheim. Drochner is among the first graduates "and thus something of a guinea pig". But that doesn't detract from the usefulness of the course: "it was very well done, i took away a lot and dug up some of the things i had already learned in my studies."
Together with 20 like-minded people from all over bavaria, he deepened his knowledge of garden management, communication and presentation techniques, and beneficial and harmful insects between january and may. The legal fundamentals were also addressed and, of course, the preparation and practice of management were gone through. "This was one of the main points: observing and learning from oneself and others. The trainer also discussed how to keep a group together and how to deal with bumblers, bullies and know-it-alls." A major topic was also the networking among each other, which is why he is in active contact with the other graduates.
"That is also one of the goals of this pilot project", explains project supervisor anneliese hartmann from the garden academy. "The gardeners should support each other in order to create an awareness for the diverse garden culture in bavaria through their work." The original idea came from christine bender of the northern horticultural center in kitzingen, which, in cooperation with the franken tourism association, wants to make the parks and gardens of the district better known. "We have so many beautiful castle parks, monastery gardens, landscape parks and private treasures in the region – and hardly anyone knows about them", bender regrets. This is to change, thanks to the project "parks and gardens – frankens paradise and the new guests.

Fruits, bleeds, well-groomed greens

"Gardens have a strong attraction for many people", explains anneliese hartmann. "It often doesn't matter whether it's a kitchen garden, a rose bed, a historical garden, or a private garden, balcony or terrace with an unusual design." Hartmann is sure that – when presented to the right people – everything can inspire: fruit, flowers, well-kept greenery – regardless of whether it's a 300-square-meter private garden, a ten-hectare castle park or a small-scale facade design. "The subject is incredibly diverse. That's why we require gardening knowledge from the participants of the course – as well as an idea in the back of their minds of what they want to do with their further education." It is hardly possible without them, since the written final examination requires a fully elaborated guide. "The course cannot cover the basics but can only give an overview. The focus is on how garden leaders can convey the joy of gardening to their guests."
Besides the economic interest, this is exactly the motivation of michael drochner, who focuses on private home gardens. "I want to inspire people to garden at home, to show them that a garden can be beautiful and well-kept without being perfect." He wants to break down prejudices and fears, to open people's eyes to new and unusual things.

Course will be developed further

Drochner is now looking forward to his first trips with the certificate in his pocket – which he will be able to discuss with his colleagues at a feedback meeting in november. The aim is to find out what has worked, where there is still a need and where the weak points are. "Future training courses will then be tailored to this", explains hartmann. Because the certification is to be further developed and refined "in order to demand the garden tourism sometime in such a way, as it is today already the case with the wine tourism".


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