First into the cold, then into the warm wet

For fabian reibenweber from ahorn, the new year’s swim in the village pond in stoppach is a good start to the new year. He was there for the second time and certainly not the last. For the sixth time, the stoppach ski and leisure club is organizing the "cold" ice hockey tournament spectacle in the village pond. This year, the water in the pond was much warmer, around 3 degrees, estimates sven batz. For last year there were even ice floes on the pond on new year’s day.
The 30 or so participants on monday came not only from stoppach. Dressed only in swimming trunks or a bikini, they went into the cold water after a loud bang was heard as a starting signal.The very brave went for it with a header or a "butt bomb into the pond, others took a cautious approach and felt their way into the water.
Some stayed in for quite a long time, like robert teschner from creidlitz, who took several laps in the pond, or even played ball and conveyed a little summer feeling in stoppach in january. Afterwards she went to a specially erected pool, which was kept at a comfortable temperature for 26 hours by means of a self-built flow heater. "When you go in there, it’s quite tingling on your skin", said hubert pracklein, who, like many others, went right back into the pond for a spin after a short auarm phase.
Other swimmers enjoyed kuhle getranke in the warm pool, while spectators at the pond and pool preferred to stick to warm ones. "It gives you goose bumps", was an often heard comment in the audience. Sabine engelhardt, who worked behind the scenes, watched the spectacle with a bit of melancholy. Since the beginning, she has always gone in the water on new year’s, but this year she was unable to participate in the new year’s swim because of a flu that she has not yet fully recovered from. I would have liked to jump in "but reason prevails in this case", she said.


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