Eu-friendly politicians leave may’s party

eu-friendly politicians leave may's party

Political quake in the british parliament: five weeks before the brexit, the newly formed "independent group" in the house of commons has gained support from the ruling conservatives as well.

EU-friendly politicians heidi allen, sarah wollaston and anna soubry resigned from the tory party on wednesday and joined the new group. It already includes eight deputies who had left the main opposition labor party in protest.

The ex-tory women publicly called on other mps to follow their example. Observers think that this could change the balance of power in parliament and possibly lead to a solution in the dispute over leaving the EU.

Prime minister theresa may said she was "depressed by this decision" but unshakeable. She emphasized with a view to the vote on 29 september. Marz planned brexit: "we are doing the right thing for our country."

The three abtrunnigen politicians held against it: "the country has something better deserves."Gross mistakes had been made in both the conservative and labor parties. Politics needs a quick, radical reform. "And we are determined to make our contribution."

The leader of the scottish national party (SNP), ian blackford, spoke in parliament of a "constitutional crisis on the brink of a brexit catastrophe. The lower house is at war with itself. "The tories and the labor party are imploding," blackford said.

London parliament totally divided over brexit course. May’s minority government, truncated by northern ireland’s DUP party, relies on every vote.

The new group was formed by seven labor mps last monday in protest at the brexit course of their party leader jeremy corbyn. The 69-year-old, who has not taken a clear position on leaving the EU for a long time, is betting on new elections.

Members also criticize alt-leftist’s handling of anti-semitic tendencies in his party. An eighth labor MP, joan ryan, fell in love with labor on wednesday. She was "shocked, appalled and angry" that corbyn let insults to jews go unpunished, ryan told the BBC. He is not fit to lead the country in the future.

Last summer, corbyn admitted that disciplinary proceedings against anti-semitic party members had been too slow and timid. Critics also accuse him of one-sided support for the palastinians in the middle east conflict.

For a long time it has been feared that labor could break apart. Opinions on corbyn vary widely in the party. He attracted many young people to the party in droves.

It is unclear whether the new group in parliament will form into a party. The british electoral system, which only knows the direct mandate, favors the two rough parties. It is extremely difficult for smaller people to win seats in the lower house of parliament. Still, both major parties are finding it increasingly difficult to win a clear governing majority.


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