Entering the finish like in a trance

Entering the finish like in a trance

Having processed his experiences, thomas loffler describes his experiences at this rough event in the capital:
unforgettable for me remains my first marathon weekend in berlin. On friday the arrival takes place full of anticipation. At 9.30 a.M. On saturday, thousands of like-minded people will run six kilometers at a leisurely pace from charlottenburg palace to the olympiastadion. Everyone is in a good mood and positive – I am happy to be there. In the evening, the carbohydrate stores are filled up again with a large portion of noodles.
Sunday early at 6.30 o’clock the alarm clock rings. Anticipation and tension can be clearly felt throughout the body.
Thousands of runners from over 120 countries came to see this spectacle. At a temperature of about twelve degrees, which later rises to 17 degrees, people change in one of the many tents. On the "strabe des 17. June", standing together with more than 40 000 brave ones, i long for the start.
The pros, led by the runners from kenya, start the race at 9 a.M. At 9.8 p.M. Then comes the starting signal for us from mayor klaus wowereit: let’s go!
The first kilometers are easy. Now you’re right in the middle of it and enjoying this fantastic event. Now it is a matter of overtaking and being overtaken – just like in the "real" world life. With all the impressions that hit you, the time passes very quickly until you reach kilometer 20 and then 25. Shortly before the 30-kilometer mark, the first signal from my body, which can be eliminated by breathing more consciously. Now strong again through steady fluid intake, fruit and energy bars.
"Go, thomas , go!"Unbelievable, the many people at the side of the road and on the balconies of the houses, who formally carry you through berlin with their shouts of encouragement. Children hold out their hands for a high-five. People read my name under the start number and shout, "thomas, you can do it!!" Or "go, thomas, go!". "Seven more kilometers, then beer i read on a poster.
At kilometer 36, my body doesn’t want to anymore. Calf cramps, performance problems, pain in the achilles tendon – what’s going on now?? In between short walk, slow start, again pain, again cramp. Standing still, giving up? No way! After three very tedious kilometers at "potsdamer platz and after countless words of encouragement, it suddenly goes again. I take off once again. "Pain fades, pride remains!" I read again and again and let myself drift along.
The last kilometers pass as if in a trance, concentrating on the body and especially on breathing. I no longer notice what happens around me. Suddenly I see the "brandenburg gate" in the distance, behind is the goal. The last meters, the finish line, done! Overjoyed, no strength to rub up my arms, filled with pride. My time: 4:21:16 hours. 42.195 kilometers behind me for the first time. Totally ready. Breathe! Keeping me on my toes! That’s all it pays at this moment.
It takes some time until I am back on track again. A proud call to wife and child at home in windheim: "i made it!"


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