Elevator at the Albert Blankertz school connects eight levels

The first construction phase with the installation of a vertical elevator in the albert blankertz school to create a barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible elementary and middle school has been completed. After successful tuv acceptance, the new elevator system, which connects eight levels, was put into operation.
This high-quality technical installation, in conjunction with other supplementary measures, forms the core of the barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible conversion of the entire school. The government of upper franconia is demanding the creation of barrier-free accessibility through the municipal investment program (KIP) with a funding rate of 90 percent. The new elevator is designed for 630 kilograms. The interior cabin measures 1.10 x 1.40 meters. The total height of the shaft is almost 17 meters.
Architect ulrich muller looks back on the construction work with satisfaction. "We had to work our way through four concrete ceilings. In the cellar area, a 50-centimeter-thick inner wall had to be cut out with a special concrete layer. The removal of the broken out concrete parts took place due to the enormous weight by the dismantling in many small individual pieces."
Construction work began during the summer vacations in 2017. The structural work could only be carried out during the school holidays due to the high level of larvae development. After four months of construction, the first ride in the new elevator was taken.


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