Edeka introduces mobile payment

Edeka introduces mobile payment

First, it will be possible to pay with a computerized cell phone in around 100 edeka stores in berlin and in the first stores in hamburg, as the company announced on tuesday.

This is the start of a nationwide rollout that is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. A few weeks ago, the edeka discounter netto launched a similar system in all of its more than 4,000 stores.

The mobile payment business is currently seeing more and more movement: just a few hours after the edeka announcement, the berlin-based start-up sumup announced the entry of the credit card giant american express and the snaps website groupon.

Sumup plans to use double-digit million from funding round to drive international expansion. The company currently offers smartphone plug-in modules that allow merchants to accept card payments.

At edeka and also at netto the payment process runs directly via the free apps of the retail companies. The customer must call up the payment function in the application at the checkout, in which current discount coupons are automatically calculated.

After entering a four-digit PIN, either a numerical code is sent to the device – or a barcode that is scanned at the checkout counter.

To be on the safe side, no more than 250 euros per week can be spent via the smartphone apps. This amount could be increased in the future. The edeka app is available for apple's iphone, smartphones with the google operating system android, and microsoft's windows phone. It has been installed just under half a million times since it was launched a good year ago, it said.

The technology for the payment system is provided by the german software service provider valuephone. "No account data is stored on the device itself," emphasized valuephone managing director stefan krueger. Payment processor is a subsidiary of deutsche post. The customer must first register online and provide bank details. The purchase amount is debited from the account as a direct debit.

The customer should benefit from the new procedure, among other things, with additional discount coupons that are only available in the apps. The applications can be used to view the receipts of previous purchases. Edeka has no access to this information for data protection reasons, emphasized app project manager matthias blodig. In addition, the payment process is supposed to be about six seconds faster than with a bank card.

Sumup wants to go beyond its previous business with plug-in modules. This year, the sumup pay system is to be launched, with the payment process largely taking a back seat: the vision is that the smartphone can stay in the pocket and communicate directly with the checkout system.


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