Cult band remains a magnet for visitors

Cult band remains a magnet for visitors

It’s madness: the cult band "waldschrat remains a visitor magnet. Already at 7 p.M., an hour before the first rhythms hammer through the marquee, there is no more space available. The fans stand at the tables and have to listen without a view of the stage.

And inside the party is going on, the more than 500 people sing along, know the classics by heart. The beer is flowing in streams, the waiters can hardly keep up. The more time goes on, the more exuberant it gets.
Those who heat up the audience are harry troger (drums and vocals), michael sommermann (electric bass and double bass), roland schiefnetter (guitar), christoph lemberg (electric bass) and jan jansen (keyboard).

They understand it again great, with their annual, exclusive appearance with the bruck-leiner kerwa the masses to inspire, upper franconian way of life, packed in country and rock, ruber to bring.

Harry troger, with his wild, powerful voice, transports the songs out like unchallengeable messages, telling beautiful stories about things that do not and will not exist in this form today. The stories of the "blatterer, of drinking the whole night through, of "neispeia and "how do i get from naala to steem"?. From the beer mob called world peace, from the "bagaasch" and from the luis` who cooked the best klieb. And from the philosophy about work: "net so hetzn, du ner net su gaa".

Between all the thunderstorm of sound, which shines as a soloist and reflects years of skill on the instruments, also sometimes quiet, thoughtful tones. Harry troger knows exactly how to hit the nerve of the audience. "Des heisla auf der hintern hoh" (the ice on the back of the hill) and the BMW away because of a misstep, nothing left but the katzerbenns.

Worth the entrance fee alone, jan jansen, the magician at the keyboard, who moves the keys with record speed, mastering all pitches with virtuosity. Together they are a force, the band is still great. The clock hand is approaching a quarter to two, only a few people are leaving, and the cheers of the audience resound through the tent.And the musicians come back once again, hitting the strings, the brass and a last refrain accompanies the night.

See you next year, waldschrat, we look forward to seeing you again.


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