“Concordia”: fifth german fatality confirmed

At the same time divers recovered off the island of giglio from the wreck of the "costa concordia" as 17. Victim the body of a woman. According to a list from the prefecture of grosseto, 17 people are still missing, including seven germans. Details of the fifth german victim were not disclosed by the aubenamt.

Bad weather and rough seas threw a spanner in the works of the salvage team at the wrecked ship: the pumping out, which was actually scheduled for saturday, had to be postponed. The dutch company smit stopped final preparations to pump 2300 tons of fuel from the cruise ship for safety reasons, the crisis staff on giglio announced. It will probably be necessary to wait until wednesday before the dangerous heavy oil can be pumped out of the system. Weather expected to remain poor until tuesday. If things improve before then, they will be ready immediately, a spokesman for the recovery company said.

Two weeks after the accident, the legal activities concerning the compensation of the passengers are progressing. The italian consumer organization codacons announced on saturday that it had filed a class action lawsuit in miami together with two american law firms. For the first six passengers represented there, the claim is for a total of 460 million US dollars in compensation. Foreign passengers of the "costa concordia" could also join the class action suit. Codacons had dismissed the basic compensation of 11,000 euros offered by the shipping company costa crociere as "almosen".

Divers found the 17. Body in the flooded area of the sixth deck, the crisis staff announced. The woman was not wearing a life jacket, it says. It was still unclear in italy whether reports of a sixth german victim were true. The foreign office did not confirm this. A remote-controlled underwater robot was also to be used in the search for further victims.


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