Concern about bottlenecks in blood donations – success with plasma

concern about bottlenecks in blood donations - success with plasma

Transfusion physicians warn of shortages of blood products in the corona crisis.

Blood donations had already declined at the beginning of the pandemic, the german society for transfusion medicine and immunohematology (DGTI) reported at its 53rd annual meeting. Annual meeting on monday in an online press conference.

Many donors stayed away for fear of infection, said DGTI chairman hermann eichler. At the same time, some blood products have a very limited shelf life, sometimes only a few days.

"Against this background, it is important that we are able to regularly replenish the warehouses with new blood donations in order to meet the demand," said eichler. The number of donors decreases in the summer anyway. There is no risk of infection during donation. The blood donation services had further increased their already strict hygiene standards. Patients, on the other hand, did not have to worry about contracting the corona virus from blood products. "So far, no case is known in which the corona virus was transmitted via donated blood."

With regard to the treatment of corona patients, conference president hubert schrezenmeier said: the administration of immune plasma from convalescents has proven promising. "There were reports that were promising," said the second chairman of the DGTI. Many convalescents are willing to donate to help the seriously ill. However, he said, there were precise criteria here, so that not everyone could be admitted.

Passive immunization through plasma with antiviral anticorporal agents has already been used for other viral diseases, such as sars, mers or influenza. Studies have shown evidence of reduced viral load, shorter hospital stays and reduced mortality. The effect was not conclusively proven, however, because there were no randomized studies with control groups.


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