City magazine: kitzingen informs once a month

For six years, the "falter" has been distributed monthly to all households in kitzingen as a city magazine with official announcements from the city. A clear city council majority continues to back monthly information to burgers by 23 votes to one after thursday’s city council meeting.

62 issues of the glossy brochure with the "official part" have now been published. Even if the "falter" does not meet the requirements for an official journal and the city must continue to publish official announcements in the daily newspaper, the administration relies on "high-quality information from and about kitzingen and the city administration".

As the head of the main office ralph hartner said in the youngest meeting of the city council, after six years it is time to "subject the service contract to competition again". This means that a call for tenders is due for the city magazine.

After the city council’s fundamental yes to the continued publication, the tender is to be carried out in the second quarter of 2018. The result should be available at the first meeting after the summer break.

The "falter" is currently edited by mainstockheim publisher volkmar rohrig. In 2011, the decision was made in favor of rohrig from among six applicants. The contract was extended twice and expires at the end of 2018. What comes after that, the new tender shall show.

No figures were given at the meeting, but when the project was launched six years ago, the city council assumed that it would cost a good 30,000 euros a year. The magazine is additionally financed through the sale of advertisements.

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