Catholic “werksspionage” from wolfsberg at the festive finale

catholic 'werksspionage' from wolfsberg at the festive finale

The visit of the wolfsberg delegation from herzogenaurach came to a fitting conclusion with a church service in the city parish church of herzogenaurach. The festive service was celebrated by wolfsberg’s dean, pastor engelbert hofer, and herzogenaurach’s city pastor helmut hetzel.
In view of the large number of altar boys, hofer criticized the large number of altar boys and remarked with a smile that he had also come to herzogenaurach for "factory espionage" to operate how hetzel manages to inspire so many for the service at the altar. For him, this service is an encounter with jesus christ as well as with each other. The dean thanked the people of herzogenaurach for their great hospitality.
For hetzel, the festivities marking the 50th anniversary of the wolfsberg-herzogenaurach partnership were a bit like celebrating a golden wedding anniversary. As with any partnership, however, it is important to nurture it and work on it. In his sermon, hetzel referred to the gospel of st. John about the vine and the vines. He wondered what constitutes a partnership. In the beginning there were negotiations, a certificate and signatures. But a true partnership also requires connections that are lived out. Jesus says in the gospel: "I am the vine, you are the branches"."
In ancient israel the vine was the symbol of life par excellence. In ancient greece it stood for life, joie de vivre and hospitality. Not only in franconia, but also in the area around wolfsberg, people are familiar with winegrowing. Jesus put the focus on connectedness in the gospel. Because only as long as the vine receives juice from the stock, fruit can also be grown. "The connection with god is important also in fateful moments", said hetzel.
In 50 years, real friendships have developed between the people of wolfsberg and herzogenaurach. With the words "I wish the partnership in the coming decades god’s blessing, sustaining bonds and the courage to cultivate the bonds with god in order to fully enjoy the fruit and life", hetzel ended his sermon.
The choir, strengthened by the brass ensemble "blechmafia", provided the musical framework for the service from nurnberg. Toni rotter from herzogenaurach played on the organ.


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