Theater stucco with Daniel Radcliffe stopped in london

Theater stucco with daniel radcliffe stopped in london

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the first large theater in london has suspended its operations for the time being.

The old vic announced on sunday that the theater play "endgame" with former "harry potter" star daniel radcliffe and british actor alan cumming ("goldeneye") in the leading roles will end two weeks earlier than planned. Also some small theaters in the british capital already interrupted their program.

Artists exhibit in the chicken coop

artists exhibit in the chicken coop

A huge heart surrounded by several colorful handprints – some young adults thoughtfully hung up this picture and other small works of art they had created alone or in groups. Painted in warm violet tones with a lot of female and always red, the paintings revel in a luminous rush of color. It is simply fun to look at these pictures, which are bursting with vitality and energy and radiate joy in life. Until the end of july, the mood-lightening paintings can be seen at an exhibition – together with works by carmen kunert and eva wagner – at the jahnhof.

The pictures were taken at the open work for the disabled (OBA) in lichtenfels at the caritas lichtenfels curative education center. "We met two to four times a week and took up brushes and paint", says ivonne hagenbucher, who heads the artists' group. That their motto "anyone can be an artist" the very successful exhibits, which can also be purchased, prove that this is indeed true. On friday the pictures were hung up by the group itself in an unusual ambience – a former chicken coop that used to house 3500 laying hens. The owner herbert jahn gave up his farm ten years ago. For about 15 years now, he has made his rooms, as well as his garden and the grounds of his idyllically situated farm, available for exhibitions and other art projects.

Economy sounds alarm over travel restrictions

economy sounds alarm over travel restrictions

Fitters cannot travel to customers abroad, trade fairs are cancelled: travel restrictions and regulatory confusion within the european union are not only a burden on the tourism industry. Leading german business associations have called on the federal government to change course on the corona-related restrictions on foreign travel and urged better coordination among EU member states.

The extended and widened restrictions and their lack of coordination between EU states had a variety of negative economic effects that went far beyond tourism, according to a joint paper by the DIHK, BDA, BDI, dehoga, DRV, HDE and ZDH associations. This is available to the german press agency. "Too frequent and last-minute changes to the rules on test strategies, quarantine requirements and travel warnings create uncertainty and increase economic risks."

Threat or joke?

Threat or joke?

Like the words "everyone is the architect of his own fortune", the question of what is meant by the red letters emblazoned on the asphalt road next to the BRK home in mannsflur is one that farmer stephan haas can’t quite explain himself. But one thing could be clear: after the heated arguments and the sometimes very emotional debates about the planned chicken coop in mannsflur, the graffiti on the road leading to the haas property are certainly not meant in a positive way. But it is criticism or even a threat?

Farmer stephan haas does not like speculation. In any case, he has already begun the construction of the controversial henhouse. The flat for the 88 meters by 30 meters coop with winter garden and free range is already cleared. "I currently have only a partial building permit. Because we are still waiting for the decision of the water board", explains haas himself. Nevertheless, he is determined to get the shell of the building over the stage before the winter months. "We put the frost protection, make the floor slab and build the shell. We want to invest a million euros", says haas.